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Ball - victory for Porto and Sporting (roller hockey)

Ball – victory for Porto and Sporting (roller hockey)

FC Porto and Sporting struggled to beat the fourth round guests of the Blackjack tournament, Oliverense and H Braga, who defeated them 5-4 and 5-1 respectively.

And the national champion signed a sweeping return to the fans present at the Dragao Arena, with four goals in nine minutes and a hat-trick for Carlo Di Benedetto, who scored the result seven seconds after the end (44, 48 and 50 m).

Despite winning the match between the two title candidates, through Telmo Pinto (16 m), FC Porto could not avoid Olivrence’s immediate response, by Tomas Pereira (16 and 40 m) and Lucas Martinez (17), who scored two goals in the part Second . The Argentine striker’s second goal, converting a direct free kick (36 m), resulted in a blue card for Roc Bojadas, which was frequently contested by FC Porto, but criticism from Rui Torres and Fernando Vasconcelos extended to Olivernes.

Goncalo Alves’ penalty kick (41m) is the turning point of the match as FC Porto has gained momentum.

At the same time, Sporting failed to finish the match in Buffalo Joao Rocha, hampered by the defensive organization of HC Braga and the performance of goalkeeper Nelson Felipe. Moreover, Pedro Mendes took advantage of the failure to score to put Minho’s team ahead (34m).

The equalizing goal belongs to Joao Almeida, whose move to Sporting led to a dispute with Braga, who represented him, followed by Gonzalo Romero (44m), Ferran Fonte (45m and 50m) and Joao Soto (49m).