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Ball - “We want to keep competing”

Ball – “We want to keep competing”

After the impressive performance by Vitoria de Guimaraes in the victory over Maritimo by scoring the winning goal in the 90 + 1 minute and providing a decisive pass, Rochenha, on the official website of the Conquerors, shared the happiness of the present moment.

“It was a very emotional ending, both for us and for those who were watching. Fortunately, that goal came and we were able to leave with the three points that were the most important. It was a sense of justice”, admitted the extremist.

The fact that he was captain for Vitoria in the latter part of the match was also not overlooked in the topics covered: “It’s very nice to wear the armband at a big club like Vitoria, it means a lot to me. As I said in the past, the responsibility is one, and that is to always help my colleagues as much as possible”, stressed Rochenha.

Looking at the match with Benfica, on Wednesday, for the League Cup, the Victorian was optimistic: “We want to face the match in the best way because we want to continue to compete and I think we are on the right track.”

Rochenha wasn’t always a key player, but he put the question in perspective: “When I started, the coach always asked me what he always asked, to bring creativity into the game and try to get us ahead of the score to get the score. Victory is the most important thing. The goals and assists are individually important, but they only prove the quality that Vitoria has on the wings. For the coach, it’s so good that you have that competitiveness between everyone, and that just makes it hard to pick who to pick, but it’s a good headache. He is certainly pleased with everyone’s performance.”

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