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Ball - “We want to win more and more” (Benfica)

Ball – “We want to win more and more” (Benfica)

Benfica president, Rui Costa, is ambitious in the letter accompanying the club’s budget for 2022/2023, which predicts a boost in investment in measures and an increase in the positive result, from 380,000 euros to 604 thousand euros, which will be put to the vote at the General Assembly on June 8.

“Benfica will maintain its ambition in terms of the sporting objectives of our various modalities (…) Boosting the investment that this budget reflects is a fundamental premise of the current commitment to making the modalities more competitive and winning (…) It covers only the five men’s wing modalities and also extends to teams The women, whose achievements make us proud – both on the wings and on the field (…) Despite the external situation, we have, therefore, reasons for optimism”, he insists.

Rui Costa also highlights one of his priorities “to expand the network of football schools, with a particular focus on the international level”, even taking advantage of winning the UEFA Youth League, which he considers to enhance cross-border recognition for the work has been carried out at the training level on the Benfica campus It also highlights the “increasingly important” role of the Benfica Foundation.

And he ends bluntly: «In short, we want to earn more and more. This is the essence of Benfica. This budget reveals that ambition, backed by responsible and rigorous management.”

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