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Ball - “We went up the mountain with a clear goal, to win the final” (Brazil)

Ball – “We went up the mountain with a clear goal, to win the final” (Brazil)

Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira, who heads Palmeiras, analyzed today, in a press conference held at the Centenário stadium, in Montevideo, Uruguay, which will be the stage of the Copa Libertadores final, against Flamengo, scheduled to start at 20 Portuguese hours, looks calm but full of ambition.

Speaking to reporters, the Portuguese coach does not frighten the history of duels with Flamengo: “Although Palmeiras has not won for more than four years (against Flamengo), we have a chance to do it tomorrow. My history at Palmeiras was making history with these players.”

Thus, Abel Ferreira put an ambitious slogan for the Brazilian fencing in the final of that competition, which is its equivalent in the South American version of the Champions League in Europe: “We have climbed the mountain with a clear goal from today. First, to win the final. So we faced every step of the mountain. We are here for the merit and the effort, to help the many people, and for the character, competence and faith of our players.”

The coach, who won the Copa Libertadores, at the hands of Palmeiras, in 2020, shows great confidence in the group he leads and explains what is necessary to win: “I want every player to be loyal to his game and play as a team. I just ask this. If that happens, eventually, our goal will be achieved.”

Above all, the 42-year-old Portuguese coach, who was born in Penafiel, wants to de-stress the team: “The more we think about what will happen in the end, the more we forget what we have to do in his game. Players need calm, calm and certainty of what they have to do. This is what I convey to the players, they are ready, everyone knows what to do on the field.”

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The former Sporting coach for the youth and B teams, SC Braga and PAOK Salonica, reinforces the idea: “Tactics make up 30% of the game. The other 70 percent comes from the ability to deal with stressful moments. And when I think about stress, I feel so grateful and thankful to be here. I am grateful to be here. The result will be the result of what we do on the field.”

And he continues: “My players and I are confident in what we will do, we are very grateful, we are here with great merit. Let’s enjoy the final responsibly. How many would not like to be in my place or Felipe Melo (the Palmeiras captain, who was sitting next to the coach at the conference, to answer questions as well). It’s a great honor to be here and we should enjoy it.”

The coach also left a special word in which he paid tribute to the 38-year-old former international captain for Canariha (22 games / 2 goals): “Felipe (Melo) shows the spirit of our players. He is important when he plays, when he is on the bench, when he is away. He has an aura Of the titles (he has 14 titles in his career, one of which is the Confederations Cup, for the Brazilian national team), he gives us experience and the only thing I tell him is to prepare yourself, because tomorrow we are going to play.”