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Ball - “We were rooting for each other's successes.  Even the athletes were important.” (Selecao)

Ball – “We were rooting for each other’s successes. Even the athletes were important.” (Selecao)

This Tuesday, Robin Dias gave an interview to SIC, where he spoke about the state of mind of the national team. The Manchester City centre-back has admitted that the fact that so many players have won their national championships is important.

“The team arrives with a winning mentality and that is very important for the competition where you are already in the group. It is time that we were rooting for each other’s successes, to take that mentality into the competition. Even the athletes were very important. I suppose you have a lot of players who have won and when you enter the European finals , it is important.”

While Fernando Santos has no doubts pointing to Portugal as one of the favorites for the final win, Rubén Dias was even tougher.

“It has to be done day in and day out, game after game. If not, it will create expectations that will consume more in the future. I was raised and raised like this: Do it, forget it. Without thinking too much that this obliterates your current work,” he said, stressing the importance of the first match against Hungary: “In the final stage where you have Germany, France and Hungary in the group, the first match will be decisive. , especially against who he is.

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