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Ball - “We will face a strong opponent, but we are confident” (Torrens)

Ball – “We will face a strong opponent, but we are confident” (Torrens)

Ahead of the official start of the season, and in a season that marks the club’s return to professional Portuguese football, Torreense is ready for the first time in Liga 2.

It is guaranteed by Nuno Manta Santos, coach of the Oeste logo, who, after the success of 2021/2022 – division promotion and the title of League 3 champion – guarantees a group entirely focused on achieving goals, and he confirmed it. Multiply the demand and commitment that your players will make in each game. Starting with a first-round departure, which reserves for Torrens a trip to the Farenci stronghold, in a duel scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday.

“We know that we will face more difficulties than we faced in La Liga 3. We want to have a quiet tournament and we have to be qualified to contest the three points in every game. The expectation is great. We will face a strong opponent in the first round, an opponent whose group has been closed practically and with quality since the beginning of the season. “Preparatory. Torreense returns to the professional championship after 24 years and the pressure for a positive result is present in both the first and last rounds. And for all teams. It is up to us to always do our best, with total commitment and honoring the shirt we are wearing.”

And when asked to comment on the transfer market, that is, on the fact that the team was closed or not, and also on the registration deadline, Nuno Manta Santos was clear: “Of course we coaches, we will never be completely satisfied. If I feel the need to improve any sector of the team, I will transfer That idea is definitely up to the management so we can make an assessment. But, as a Torrens coach, what I have to say is that the players I have are the best in the world and that’s what I count on. Close the transfer market? From the moment the first official game kicks off, the market should close. “.

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confident captain

Joao Pereira was the spokesman for the group at the press conference to review the match against Farines, which was held at the end of Friday morning, in Torres Vedras.

Azul Grena’s captain stressed the importance of preserving the elements that were so crucial to Torres’ success last season, stressing that this fact is key to the integration of reinforcements for the season that begins now. Considering the duel against the Algarve, the center back guarantees plenty of motivation.

“We were fortunate to keep the essence of last season, which gave such good results, and this helps to integrate those who arrived back into the group. The goals of this season will be match by match and we will start fighting for them in the game tomorrow. We know Farense, we told our team. The technician already has what we have to do. We know it’s going to be a tough match, but we’re ready. We have a team with a mix of ages who will help us get a good championship. Let’s keep the commitment and demand. We are all very committed to playing Liga 2. The club has managed to keep who they wanted. We stayed with the essence that made us champions last season. When we got to the finals of Liga 3 last season we should have been very close to the quality that is in Liga 2. We know we are going to have very tough matches, it will be a marathon, the more points we get. . get, the better ».

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