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Ball - “When you do something you love, it doesn't work” (athletics)

Ball – “When you do something you love, it doesn’t work” (athletics)

Dozens of kids and teens gave their applause to Patricia Mamuna who is back in training after two weeks off, focusing on the national triple jump record and world podium finish next season, and sharing the experience of the Tokyo Olympics. At the International Science Fair, which runs until Sunday, in the gardens and Palacio Marques de Pombal, Oeiras.

Sitting in the hall, a huge tent placed in the garden – surrounded by other tents spread over 48 thousand square meters of the initiative, handed over to 100 partners (free entry, subject to reservation on the event site) – the children fell asleep, talked, but did not miss a hint of The interventions of the Olympic runner-up in the triple jump, which was greeted with applause and shouting with enthusiasm. Accompanied by coach Jose Offa, Professor of Performance and Sports Psychology, Duarte Araujo, Dietitian Claudia Menderico and Director of Sports Pedro Roque, the latter two associated with the Portuguese Olympic Committee, Patricia Mamuna was not alone in her breakup moments from Tokyo at a roundtable on how science and these people helped her in Get the medal.

A multidisciplinary team “dealed with mental, physical, nutritional, training, sleep, biomechanics and all the details and so there was confidence,” explained the athlete’s coach Jose Ufa. “We were learning, gaining experience, gradually introducing every area of ​​training and things slowly grew.” Patricia Mamona recalled that she “worked a lot” after discovering her passion for “playing the fly” when she was young in the audience. “Above all, I am very organized because I know that each of these parts is important to the end result. Like family and friends that contribute to the overall balance. And when you do something you love, it is not work,” she told the athlete to the listeners, whom she strongly advised to “incorporate sport into their lives “.

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