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Ball - "You are thieves!": Rui Costa's insults deserve disciplinary action (roller hockey)

Ball – “You are thieves!”: Rui Costa’s insults deserve disciplinary action (roller hockey)

The Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Ski Federation (FPP) has filed a lawsuit against Benfica for insults launched by Rui Costa, the head of the Eagles, against the refereeing team in the fourth match of the championship final. hem National Championship last season.

According to the FPP CD report, Rui Costa went down to the changing room access area, during the interval, and approached the match officials in this way: “This is a robbery, you thieves.”

Luis Seneca, FPP president, present at that match, on June 25, as Benfica beat Porto 5-3, would end up leaving Pavelhao da Luz podium even before the break due to insults from home fans, with controversy erupting after Argentine Carlos was sent off. Nikolia, who was close to rest, which prevented him from playing in the fifth and decisive match.

in blackRemember that FC Porto, who was playing in front of their fans, beat the Eagles 3-2 and won their 24th title, succeeding Sporting.

In addition to the operation targeting Rui Costa, with an associated fine of 2,115 euros, Benfica was also targeted in two other operations, referring to the same game, with a total cost of 11,000 euros for red coffers.

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