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Ball - 'You'll be a star': evaluation by Joao Alves and Cesar Brito Henrique Araujo (Benfica)

Ball – ‘You’ll be a star’: evaluation by Joao Alves and Cesar Brito Henrique Araujo (Benfica)

Henrique Araújo of Benfica’s first team (he hasn’t played since August 30, when he entered the 3-2 win over Paços de Ferreira, went into the championship) and immediately the idea kicked in to put together the young winger, only 20 years old, losing the race in Roger Schmidt’s preferences, but the reality Different (see related news).

Two of Benfica’s past laurels evaluated the striker and what he can bring to the team.

Joao Alves:
“Henrique Araújo has a lot of talent and he is at an age where he needs to develop all his potential. If you play, you are halfway; Don’t play, of course it gets more complicated. The big problem is that they can only play 11 times and when there are other players with great ability in the team… From what I saw in him, he got into situations where it was necessary to solve matches and did a good job. Do not blame responsibility. It will depend on how the team wants to play, but given the talent they have, I think they go into a tactic with just one or two strikers. He needs to play until he explodes but he will be one of our great strikers in the future.”

Cesar Brito:
“Henrique Araújo is a very good player, a very good spearhead. I saw the game he played now, when he came with the U21s to Covilha [particular, frente à Geórgia e que Portugal venceu por 4-1]He didn’t have a great game, that’s right, but he scored one of the goals. Henrique has a lot of potential, and I really love him. I spoke with Polita, who told me a few things; He has something of it! from Polita. He plays a lot in the debut, to the point of offside. This does not fail, it will be an ace! Of course, he needs to play longer, but I think when they decide to throw the ball more often, that will do the trick.”

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