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Banff.  "New data", poorly read messages and "preference"?  Is there something new for the Public Prosecution Service (and Parliament) to investigate?  - observer

Banff. “New data”, poorly read messages and “preference”? Is there something new for the Public Prosecution Service (and Parliament) to investigate? – observer

I was already ahead of you Third test (out of three) The Carlos Costa at the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in Banff, 2016🇧🇷 In last questions to the then Governor of the Bank of Portugal, the deputy of the PSD, Luis Marques Guedes, revealed a letter – never made public – sent by Antonio Costa in 2015 to the heads of the European Central Bank and European Commission, a few hours after the footnote The famous TVI bottom line that generated an influx of deposits in Banff. The deputy cites some paragraphs of the letter, however misses the point that was by far the most sensitive: the Prime Minister referred to Benif as, “Unfortunately🇧🇷 In a “prior solution” – at a time when the bank was still for sale🇧🇷

The Some newspapers reported But at the time, little focus was placed on what the Socialist Party deputy would be to emphasize, moments later. Ironically, it turned out to be the socialist Eurico Brilhante Dias (Rapporteur of the Committee) adding that Antonio Costa wrote in that letter that Banev was in “advance decision”🇧🇷 Since it is not the prerogative of any government to determine whether or not a bank is heading towards resolution – that is the responsibility of the settlement authority, in this case, the Bank of Portugal – the message is described in the book “O Governador”, by Luis Rosa, as something He contributed decisively to the promotion of the sale, which was still in progressheralds the decision and the sale to Santander (taxpayer sponsored).

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Jorge Tomei, the last boss of Baniff, appears in the book saying that this letter sent by Costa on December 14 changed everything, perhaps Kill the sale I still have a week to go And the bitterness of the attitude of the European authorities towards Panev and the entire Portuguese bank. Jorge Tomei also admits that the message may have been the source of TVI News Sunday Night (13 December) – which cannot be proven. However, as decisive as the letter could have been, it turned out that this letter was not discussed much in the investigation committee, In the final report, it appears framed in a misinterpretation of another letterwhich I sent the day before to Banco de Portugal.

The remedy given to this letter was one of the causes The PSD voted against the final report, which was approved by Block (PS, PCP, and BE) – CDS-PP abstained. and she too One point that remained unclear In the commission of inquiry that took place throughout 2016 – and this can be examined in a new parliamentary initiative requested by Shiga but the PSD, at least So fardoes not follow.

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