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Bans “champagne”: - scandalous

Bans “champagne”: – scandalous

It is widely known among wine lovers that champagne, the exclusive drink, can only be made from the French region of the same name.

In the French Champagne Committee Locations it is clear:

– Champagne only comes from champagne.

The new Russian law

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not agree. On Friday, he signed a law requiring all foreign sparkling wine producers to describe the product as just: “sparkling wine” – on the back of the bottle.

Several media reports, among others Reuters.

Under Russian law, only Russian champagne producers, or “shampanskoye” as the drink is called there, can continue to use the prestigious term.

French annoyance

The bill prompted the French to tear their hair, but their prayers were not heard.

Depriving the Champagne people of the right to use their own name is outrageous. It is our common heritage and children of the heart, Maxime Tobart and Jean-Marie Barriller, leaders of the Champagne Commission, say in a statement, according to guardian.

Reuters said the French champagne industry is scrapping the new law and recommending that exports to the country be halted.

They noted that 120 countries have legislated that the name “champagne” is a protected title reserved for sparkling wines from the French region.

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– The Champagne Committee regrets that this legislation does not guarantee that Russian consumers will receive clear and transparent information about the origin and properties of wine, add Tobart and Barrelier.

Since Soviet times, “shampanskoye” has been used in Russia as a generic term for a variety of sparkling wine. It originated from the Stalin era, when an elite drink was made available to everyone.

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Giant says ok

France’s Trade Minister, Franck Riester, said he would take a closer look at Russian law, and had been in touch with the wine industry and France’s European partners.

– We will always support the producers and French greatness, he wrote on Twitter.

Champagne giant Möet Hennessy first opposed the law on Saturday, threatening to halt all exports of the drink.

The company stands behind well-known brands such as Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon.

But they reversed it on Monday. According to Reuters, the company stated that it is complying with the new law. From now on, they will begin to classify their products as sparkling wine, in order to continue exporting the drink to France.

A multi-billion dollar industry

France has 360 champagne houses, and produces about 231 million bottles annually. Its turnover is about 42.7 billion kroner annually, of which exports are worth nearly 26 billion, of which the United Kingdom and the United States are the largest customers, according to guardian.

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Russia imports 50 million liters of sparkling wine each year, 13 percent of which will be champagne, according to the same newspaper.