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Bar Oberg - must testify in favor of Breivik

Bar Oberg – must testify in favor of Breivik

—As far as one might be, Pär Öberg is a Swedish neo-Nazi, says author and outside expert on the right Øyvind Strømmen for Dagbladet.

– Then it also drew attention in several Swedish media when it was known that he had been called as a witness, he said.

On Wednesday, Oberg is due to testify in the parole case, in which convicted terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, 42, has filed for parole. The Swede, who will testify over the phone, is the only defense witness.

Oberg worked in many contexts as a spokesperson for the open National Socialist organization Scandinavian Resistance Movement (DNM). The organisation, founded in Sweden in 1997, wants democracy to rule and salutes Hitler, according to the Swedish Anti-Racism Foundation. Expo.

They are declared National Socialists, or Nazis, who want to create a kind of united Nordic country on this kind of principle, says Strommann.

DNM has branches in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

– The organization tried in Denmark and Iceland, but luck here is little. They were most active in Norway and Finland. They were later banned in Finland, based on an act of violence. This meant that it was seen as somewhat of an anti-constitutional organization, Strowman explains.

Dagbladet tried to contact Öberg via a spokesperson for the Swedish press for the Northern Resistance Movement on Tuesday night, but has yet to receive a response.

Lots of rot: Psychiatrist Henning Værøy on Anders Behring Breivik’s statements in court.
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Male as an expert

During his explanation on Tuesday, Breivik cited Oberg as the top expert on white power and neo-Naziism in Norway and Europe.

Auberg has a background from the fascist group Riksfronten, which according to Expo She was active in Sweden in the 1990s. Thus, he has been prominent in the Swedish far-right center for several decades.

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However, it was through the Scandinavian resistance movement that Oberg made himself known, particularly through his work to create a parliamentary branch within the national resistance movement.

Neo-Nazis were elected to the municipal council in the Swedish village of Ludvika in 2014, thanks to 18 electors and a rather complicated Swedish electoral system, he writes purifierWho visited the small square in 2018.

Municipal Council “revolutionary”

It was the Sverigedemokraterna (SD) party that involuntarily ensured that Pär Öberg and the Scandinavian resistance movement ended up in the municipal council. The party was about to make a very good choice, and wanted more seats than the candidates that had been clarified. Thus, they left the electoral list open.

The Swedish electoral system at the time allowed voters to vote for candidates not on party lists. 18 voters wrote Oberg’s name on the ballot papers of the Swedish Democrats. It secured the Nazi a seat on the city council, despite the fact that SD didn’t want anything to do with the man.

On paper, he represented SD, although he was not a member of the party and did not express a desire to become one, Filter writes.

This was not the wish of the voters, explains the Swedish fair’s leader, Daniel Ball, describing the incident as Oberg’s “coup”.

– It became clear when he ran for the municipal council of the Scandinavian Resistance Movement in 2018, and he did not succeed in that, according to Paul.

Paul also says that in recent years the movement has lost membership numbers and organizational strength.

Lots of rot: Psychiatrist Henning Værøy on Anders Behring Breivik’s statements in court.
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links to violence

Far-right author and expert Strumen says DNM has long roots in the Swedish context, and belongs to a part of the far right that has had links to violence throughout history.

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The organization is openly nationalist socialist, and thus is based on an ideology of violence, says Strommann.

During the first day of the trial in a gymnasium converted into a knife, the 42-year-old convicted terrorist explained himself. Breivik claims that DNM is “proof that you can be a Nazi without being a militant”.

Brevik’s defender, Osten Storvik, said the Swedish neo-Nazi has been called as a witness to help shed light on Breivik’s argument.

Strumen denies to Dagbladet that there must be such a thing as “non-violent National Socialism”.

– No, is his short answer.

Sample version: Anders Behring Breivik’s defender Austin Storvik says there is one thing in particular he will emphasize when he goes to trial. Video: Lars Evind Bones. Reporter: Ralph Lovestad.
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– related to violence

The Norwegian author receives support from exhibition leader Paul. In recent years Expo has worked with investigative journalism on the far right, and there is little evidence that DNM can be described as “nonviolent,” he believes.

– In general, assembly on the contrary is associated with violence. Members and activists are guilty of violent acts. Of course, this does not mean that all members have committed crimes.

it has been A series of violent riots During DNM demonstrations. Paul says, however, that Oberge has nothing to do with a particular violent incident, or has a violent conviction.

In its ideological programme, the movement promotes a greater Northern European area free of people who are not Northern Europeans or “closely related peoples”.

– They are talking about a revolution to bring down democracy. They will forcibly remove people of the “wrong” race from society. This project could not be carried out without inhuman brutality. Paul says history has shown us that.

responses: Psychiatrist Henning Værøy comments on the trial from the Telemark District Court.
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Refuses a clear link

When Breivik arrived on the first day of court, he had two sheets packed in plastic pockets with him. One of them is full of texts. The second with the short message and the well-known conspiracy theory:

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“Stop the genocide of our white people.”. Lars Güll, associate professor at Oslo Mitt, explains to Dagbladet that parts of one of the posters represent direct contact with DNM.

Strowman rejects a clear connection between Breivik and the movement, as the terrorist was operating on his own. At the same time, this form of right-wing extremism was also part of the background.

– Breivik, for example, wrote some posts on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront. It is a place where you also meet neo-Nazis from the Nordic countries. The ideas he spoke about before, and which he now also repeat, are characterized by ideas from various right-wing extremists, while at the same time they do not escape questions about Breivik’s personal psychology. In any case, there is no indication that others were involved in the same attack.

Not much appreciated

Strowman explains that Breivik is not held in high esteem among many right-wing extremists. Someone dismisses him as a crazy man. Others associate him with conspiracy theories about Freemasons or “Zionists”, putting him in the role of the enemy. But some also embrace it, especially in environments that can be described as acceleration.

This variant of far-right ideology calls for accelerating the total collapse of society through terrorism. These groups see a racial war between whites and all other races as imminent. The perpetrators of many far-right terrorist attacks write that they were inspired by this mindset PS

— but even when they have praised terrorist groups like The Order, DNM shouldn’t be considered accelerators. Strowman explains that they belong to an older neo-Nazi current.