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I’ve always believed that people know how to use all means to earn their Microsoft Rewards points, but by talking to friends, I’m starting to realize that even the most frequent users on Xbox Live don’t let some daily points roll over. So, I decided to write this Papo de Bar, part guide, part talk about behavior tips, so that my readers can extract the most points from the loyalty program.

I make it clear that at the end of this conversation, I will talk about what the user should or should not do while in the program.

First of all, we need to establish basic standards. I’m a Game Pass Ultimate subscriber. If you don’t currently have an active membership, many of my points are not available, especially on the Xbox console.

daily points

There are several ways to get daily points, and I will try to follow the path from the easiest to the most complex, in my opinion. Obviously, the difficulty varies from person to person.

Daily tasks in the browser

Every day, from about 01:00 am, navigator points are available. Normally, you have a clickable search to do, a bar with the result appears in your browser’s rewards plugin… what do you mean? Don’t have a plugin? Install now. The default score is 10 points per day, some days there are other 5-point options. Write it down: 10 points in 30 days equals 300 points.

bar talk.  Illustrative image

It shows at the top of the image where the rewards plugins are located on Google and Edge. below the address bar.

search points

In the image above, you can see three symbols in the earning pane, representing 90 points on PC, 12 on Microsoft Edge and 60 points on mobile. Each survey is worth three points, so we have to take 30, 4, and 20 surveys, respectively. I usually do PC searches in Microsoft Edge and kill a couple of birds (oh, only on Easter) with a tank of water or get hit by… oops, stone! There are a lot of people who don’t even know what a staff is.

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Adding up the total points, we have 162 research points.

mobile application

bar talk.  Microsoft rewards

In the smartphone app (smartphones in English; being literal is quite weird), we now have 5 daily tasks:

  • Play as high as Microsoft Jewels (5 points)
  • Play a computer game (10 points)
  • Play with friends on PC (50 points)
  • Play Fortnite with Cloud Gaming (10 points)
  • Use the Xbox app (15 points)
bar talk.  Illustrative image

These are the bonus points

Every item on this list is self-explanatory, the only one that can cause an error is Fortnite, which must be played in the cloud on a cell phone, via a browser ( All tasks, as shown in the image above, get more points if reward requests are met, as shown in the image below.
bar talk.  Microsoft rewards

As you can see, in Fortnite alone, you can score a total of 125 points, the application point in five days rotates from 5 to 25 points, and the average application point is 303 points per day.

monthly points

At the beginning of the month, a survey and several thematic pages worth 150 points are published.

Xbox Console app

Here is where you will have more variations of the score, we will have fixed points such as 100 weekly points, which consists of three independent tasks, the first is usually to view the game sales page, the next two are more variable, by the sum of 200 bonus points the app is opened 3 times weekly and so on. We currently have 5 GoMore Points that you just have to unlock and redeem for 5 Daily Points. The score card is monthly and usually tied to the theme of the month, after you get 3 achievements and any of the games on the card, you get 500 points.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Right below, you can get some extra points by viewing some game pages, watching some episodes on YouTube, or completing some task cards, like renting three movies for a month.

Xbox Game Pass tasks

These tasks are divided into three parts, daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Daily
    • 3 points for playing a game on Game Pass
    • 50 points for completing a game on Game Pass
  • weekly
    • 10 points for 3 daily requests
    • 10 points for 3 achievements or playing 3 Game Pass titles
    • 5 points for playing a specific Game Pass
    • 250 points for completing a mission in Game Pass (for end subscribers only)
  • monthly
    • 25 points for completing 6 daily and 4 weekly orders
    • 100 points for completing 12 daily orders and 8 weekly orders
    • 500 points for completing 22 daily and 12 weekly orders

How to keep the right points

Well, first of all, it takes a little bit of dedication to do all the daily stitches. But it’s not a big deal for anyone who wants to do it, something that takes between 15 minutes and you can do everything. And of course it takes a little style. Fortnite, it is not necessary to complete the stage, you can do it while eating lunch, working (home office) or doing research on the computer, once you receive a notification of the request made, you can close the game. For my daily searches, I used Bing as a search engine, at the end of the workday, sometimes I already have 24 points or more, already done, without even realizing it.

What not to do

There are rules to be part of the points programme, if you fail to comply with these rules you may lose the right to be part of the program (expulsion) and lose all your accumulated points.

  • Do not use scripts to automate surveys.
  • Do not create multiple accounts to accumulate points.
  • Do not switch areas to score more points.
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These are some points about what not to do, check out code of conduct.

How to use points

You can redeem your points in several ways:

  • Game Pass Ultimate Reload Cards.
  • PC Game Pass recharge cards.
  • Xbox gift cards.
  • Microsoft gift cards.
  • iFood discount card.
  • Donate to AbleGamers Brazil
  • and much more.

I hope I helped a lot of people earn more points with Microsoft Rewards. Use your points wisely and you may never pay for Game Pass Ultimate again, buy that game you love at a deep discount, or get it completely “for free”.

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