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Barbara Branco on the relationship with Jose Condesa: “He brought me what I don’t have naturally”

This Saturday, January 28th, Barbara Branko was a guest Daniel Oliveira to another onevery accurate‘The SIC actress, who debuted this Monday as the protagonist’A flower without timeHe revealed more about himself.

Among the various topics addressed during the interview, the young actress, who is 23 years old, spoke about her love affair with the actor. Jose Countess. together for approx Four and a half yearsThe actress admitted that although they compliment each other “well,” there is a lot about them that sets them apart.

Zee and I went to school together, and we complement each other a lot. We work together too, we’re 100 percent. Start. In preparation for this work, we are already very different‘ he began pointing.

And in life we ​​are completely different. I’m more anxious, I’m more stressed, I have this need and affliction to control everything… Zee, he’s a laid back personShe’s supposed to be an actress.

Barbara Branco on her new role: “The right opportunity arose, the story she wanted to tell”

But it also gives me this relaxation, it teaches me this relativity, there are things that aren’t too important for me to bother with. Calm calm. enjoy. So he brings me what I don’t naturally have, which is the “enjoy life” aspect. It brings me the feeling that life is two days and that we should make the most of it.described by Barbara Branco.

Daniel Oliveira also wanted to know how the couple face the fact that, being public figures, they have a relationship that can be commented on a lot, Through the eyes of each other’s followers.

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We manage to live this love even if it is under the eyes of the general interest, even if it is difficult at times. When Ze went to Brazil it was very complicated, but we have a very healthy way of dealing with that as well. And to help the other deal with it“, He said.

I feel very watched, and it balances that out for me. There to say it’s okay. What matters is that we are both here. It helps me get locked into my “Valentine’s Day bubble,” which is a really good thingBarbara Branco concluded.