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Barbara Guimarães' victory in court: she retains custody of her daughter - Verveer

Barbara Guimarães’ victory in court: she retains custody of her daughter – Verveer

Carlotta, daughter of Barbara Guimarães and Manuel Maria Carilho, will remain with her mother. The SIC presenter and the former politician met again yesterday at Justice Campus, in Lisbon, to decide on custody of the girl and the decision was in favor of the SIC star.

The family conference was held after the mother and daughter faced a conflict situation on February 19 this year, at home. The police were called to the scene and the former Minister of Culture requested that the whole girl be imprisoned. “The conference was, in essence, to decide the regime under which Carlotta is subject, and continues with Barbara,” the presenter’s attorney, Joao Prieto, revealed yesterday exclusively to CM.

By court decision, the thing that has been temporary since February has become final, since the girl spends 70% of the time with her mother and 30% with her father. And the lawyer continued, “A week yes, a week no, on Wednesday she goes to her father and Barbara will take her on Monday,” and confirmed that this is an agreement proposed by the presenter of the program in favor of her daughter. According to the applicant’s lawyer, Carilho accepted the proposal and “withdrawn the request for parental regulation.” In addition, “you will have to bear the costs of the parental responsibilities process.” “It’s a victory for Carlotta and that was the point of this operation,” added Joao Prieto. “To make Carlotta as good as possible.” When he left the court, Carrillo refused to make a statement. But a source linked to the former politician confirmed that he does not see the decision as a defeat because he is in regular contact with the girl. Custody of the eldest son, Denis, who is 17, returns to Carilho.

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