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Barbara Norton confronts de Matos about her relationship with João Moura Caetano-Verveer

Barbara Norton confronts de Matos about her relationship with João Moura Caetano-Verveer

The actress has been linked to Faris Monforte

01/10/2024 • 01 h 30

Barbara Norton de Matos could not escape when she was confronted live on SIC Caras' “Passadeira Vermelha” program, regarding her alleged relationship with João Moura Caetano, who until November 2023 was in a relationship with Luciana Abreu.

Presenter Liliana Campos I wanted to know if Barbara actually had intentions of talking about this topic.

He added: “I will not talk. I already decided some time ago and anyone who accompanies me walking knows that I will not talk about my private life, because this is a series I do not belong to.” …”began by responding to Barbara Norton de Matos.

“All the drama surrounding this situation and all the speculation.”He continued without mentioning names. “But that's part of being a public figure, I already know that's the case. I also have a broad back. What worries me most is my daughters, and what they hear, but my 17-year-old daughter is very calm. About this situation, you're already used to it.”.

Not satisfied with the answer given, Joanna Latino, one of the commentators on the format, continued to question the SIC representative: “Are you dating Joao or not?”

“I don't have to respond to anything, people can speculate freely and they can talk about it. I don't have anything to say about it, so I won't say anything when I don't have anything to say. Whatever. I will say that there will always be ulterior motives, and there will always be More series.he added.

However, Barbara mentioned one thing she and João Moura Caetano have in common: “I love bullfighting, it is part of my education.”

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“I am [feliz]. I'm fine. “I'm on the red carpet, with a new project, and I'm amazing.”He said trying to close the topic.

Her colleague Sarah Nortje also commented on this “You have good, radiant skin”. “That's a lot of cock, dicks help.”Barbara replied between laughs.