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Barcelona failed again - the wind is blowing for Ronald Comen

Barcelona failed again – the wind is blowing for Ronald Comen

FC Barcelona have once again dropped feathers in the Spanish primaries division. In the discounted candidate FC Cadiz, Ronald Koeman’s team did not cross the 0-0 mark.

From the first five games, Barca won only two and made three draws. Although Barca are still one game away, seven points are already missing from leaders and rivals Real Madrid.

Barca defender Sergei Roberto wants to do nothing for the crisis again after Barca’s weak performance. “The team is very good, we have injured players, but there is no reason for that. We have a team to fight for the championship and I don’t think other teams have a better team than us,” he said on Spanish television. Barca should come around the corner.

Even Gerrard Pique has only the championship in mind despite a weak start to the season: “I will not wear a Barca shirt for second or third place.” The distance to go is too much.

Ronald Coman has a backbone – at least until Sunday

On Sunday, Barca is hosting another discount candidate, UT Lavande. Barca will then lose Frankie de Jong. Within four minutes (61st, 64th) the Dutchman saw the traffic light card against Cadiz. In the second mistake, De Jong played the ball first and then slipped to his opponent, but pulled his legs back. Dismissal was high, but fits the current situation of the Catalans.

After a 3-0 defeat and a draw against Cadiz and Granada (1-1), Ronald Koeman will end the season early. According to SPOX and Cole, Barca’s management team has already decided to replace the coach. All that remains is to wait for the right moment. The next international break may be in early October.

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At least the game against Levante Common will still be sidelined in the next league game. “Koman is our coach. We have a game in three days and we have to give him all our support,” said Raman Planes, Barca’s technical director after the game at Cadiz.

Ronald Koeman A strange press conference

Criticized his team’s performance, Koman tried to escape earlier in the week. At a bizarre three-minute press conference, Koman read the prepared report and defended himself and his team. He asked for patience and again mentioned the club’s debt mountain and the rise of the team. Without acknowledging any questions, he walked out of the press conference after his solo.

However, Koman’s appearance did not have a positive effect on the team’s performance against Cadiz. Barca is harmless and has a lot of possibilities but no chances. Newcomer and savior Memphis Debay missed the biggest chance when he failed to hit the ball six meters from goal after a cross from Luke de Jong.

Barca then had no compelling chances, after de Zhang was sent off, they were in danger of conceding their first defeat in La Liga. Mark-Andre der Stegen caught the point for his team in a fight with Salvi Sanchez. In the end the score was 13: 6 in favor of Cadiz. Der Stegen was named Man of the Match.

After a draw, Koman was satisfied with his team

After all, Koman was satisfied with his team after the game. “I can’t complain about the attitude of the players. We did everything we could,” the Dutchman said.

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In the final stage, a wild exchange was created. Debay missed another great opportunity for Barca. However it was 0-0. Due to Koman’s loud complaints shortly before the final whistle, the coach also flew with a red (96th). A remarkable scene.

Table of primer section

Location Team SP. கிழி The difference Points.
1 Real Madrid 6 21: 8 13 16
2 Atletico Madrid 6 9: 5 4 14
3. The real community 6 9: 6 3 13
4. FC Sevilla 5 8: 2 6 11
5 FC Valencia 6 11: 7 4 10
6 Rio Vallecano Madrid 6 10: 6 4 10
7 FC Barcelona 5 8: 5 3 9
8 Bedis Sevilla 6 9: 7 2 9
9. Athlete Bilbao 6 5: 3 2 9
10 CA Health 6 7: 9 -2 8
11. RCD Mallorca 6 4: 9 -5 8
12. FC Villerial 5 6: 3 3 7
13 Espanyol Barcelona 6 4: 5 -1 6
14 FC Cadiz 6 6: 8 -2 6
15 FC Elsie 6 4: 7 -3 6
16. UT Levante 6 6: 9 -3 4
17. Zelda Vigo 6 6:10 -4 4
18 FC Granada 6 5:11 -6 3
19. FC Getoff 6 2:10 -8
20 Deportivo Alves 5 1:11 -10