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Barr: Only Trump is responsible

Barr: Only Trump is responsible

Former Pals: Donald Trump and Bill Barr together in September 2020.

Donald Trump’s former attorney general, William Barr, believes the ex-president is solely responsible in the so-called documents case.


Trump appeared in court in Miami last week. He was charged with 37 counts in the so-called documents case.

13,000 documents were found at Trump’s Florida residence, 100 of which have been classified.

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Donald Trump has been indicted on 37 counts in the documents case

31 of the 37 indictments related to withholding information about the country’s defense and security, according to CNN.

Trump denied all guilt, and after the court session he criticized the Biden government, which he believes has made false accusations against him, interfering in the election campaign.

Witch-hunt, was the tone of Trump’s review of the indictment.

A former Trump confidant, former Attorney General Bill Barr, slams Trump’s account in a new interview with CBS.

– Barr said it was he who raised this whole problem.

– Of course, he may have been subjected to a witch-hunt in the past, but that does not explain that he himself has shortcomings and engages in reckless behavior. Sometimes this leads to disastrous situations, which are very destructive and detrimental to any political cause associated with it. In this case, Barr says, it is his fault alone

TAKEN: Some documents found at Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago, Florida.

– He had no right to these documents. For more than a year the authorities have been trying, calmly and respectfully, to get them back, which is significant they have done. And he threw them around.

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Trump himself has stated that Barr himself knows the indictment is nonsense, which he himself categorically rejects. On the contrary, he believes that the authorities have a strong argument.

Barr was also asked directly if he believed Trump lied to the Justice Department, and he responded as follows:

– Whether you think so personally? yes I do.

Federal court proceedings against Trump could drag on for a long time, and it is not certain that there will be any decision before campaigning to become president in 2024 properly begins.

Last November, it was finally confirmed that the 76-year-old would be running for Republicans in 2024, after being voted out of the White House in 2020.

William Barr resigned as Attorney General in the Trump Administration on Christmas Eve 2020.