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Barra do Piraí schools are present at the National Science and Technology Week

Barra do Piraí schools are present at the National Science and Technology Week

Barra do Perai

For the tenth year in a row, several educational units in Barra do Pirai participated in the National Science and Technology Week. The mobilization, which began on Monday, the 16th of this month, and will continue until Friday, the 20th of this month, was promoted by the Ministry of Education. This event, which is part of the municipality’s annual calendar and always takes place in October, aims to discuss issues related to the topic in an intense and interesting way. Each school in the municipal network presented a proposal for discussion, such as conversation panels and direct student participation.

First held in 2014, National Science and Technology Week aims to reflect on the developments and impacts that technological trends can have on academic life, both inside and outside the classroom. In Barra do Péray, in addition to digital equipment, such as the advent of the tablet computer, in 2022, all educational units in the municipal network are connected with the Ministry of Education, via the Internet.

According to Educational Technologies Advisor at the Ministry of Education, Luciana Linhares de Souza Oliveira, the biggest challenge now is to achieve this connection between teachers and students. “Little by little, we have committed to providing schools with rental and connectivity equipment. They are all already connected and our challenge now is to provide this connectivity to teachers and students so that they can use it in the classroom. We are moving forward in partnership with the federal government. Through the platform, we are already able to Get this feedback – contact the school and office – such as reports of student and teacher numbers, planning and other points.

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At yesterday’s event on the 17th, in the lecture hall of the Ministry of Education, a talk was held in celebration of the 20th National Science and Technology Week. The topic – which included names from different departments – focused on basic sciences for sustainable development. For Mayor Mario Esteves, this date represents “progress in the debate about a different future.”

“And it starts with education. We have to take a different approach to this teaching process, competing with cell phones in the classroom, apps and social networks. We cannot avoid devices that are important for the growth of these students. Today we have seen people who are very humble, supporting their families after incorporating their knowledge in the classroom.” Study with a gadget called smartphones and the like. We have to think about tomorrow,” Mario said.