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Bartholomew's house.  The perfect new Instagrammable haven for those who want to vacation in Praia Verde – Travel

Bartholomew's house. The perfect new Instagrammable haven for those who want to vacation in Praia Verde – Travel

Located in the heart of Castro Marim, just a few minutes from Praia Verde, Casa Bartolomeu is a rural tourism gem that combines contemporary design with traditional features of Algarve architecture. Not to mention that it is surrounded by stunning landscapes, the charm of which is emphasized by the infinity pool, creating an atmosphere of authentic serenity.

For MAGG, Iuri de Assis Mallo, owner and project manager, highlights that Casa Bartolomeu – as well as the other accommodations he owns with his wife Catia Mera – are the result of the restoration of an old house. “Our company started in 2021 and we always try to preserve and restore the Algarve style in homes,” he highlights.

Inspiration comes a lot from our travels and we try to bring here what we know abroad, renovating homes in quiet and exclusive places.“, says the owner. In the case of Casa Bartolomeu, it is located in a property with a total area of ​​”500 square metres”, where olive trees and aromatic plants act as a backdrop. This area relates only 200 square meters to the useful space of the house.

Casa Bartolomeu is distinguished by its use of natural materials, such as linen and wood, which, combined with light colors and high ceilings, provide incredible natural light that invades the spaces through large windows – something that, although not present in the first case house, is implemented on Immediately. “The facades remain exactly as they were, but we try to open the windows as much as possible, to preserve the integrity of the engineering and architectural projects“, says Iuri de Assis Malo.

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look at the pictures.

What can you expect from this ideal residence? good, Three bedrooms – two suites with two double beds and a suite with two double beds – and a spacious living room with wonderful views and direct access to the kitchen equipped with an island. The house also offers four bathrooms, three of which are inside (two belong to the suites and one is for “social use,” confirms the owner).

However, the real hidden gem is the bathroom outside. This has no roof, and has a bathtub and shower, making it ideal to “serve as a support for the pool.” – And of course, take those Instagrammable photos that would make anyone jealous. Additionally, the property has a laundry room and an outdoor fireplace.

Guests can also enjoy additional services, such as scheduled meals, yoga classes and functional gymnastics, through partnerships with suppliers large and small. “We have the option for our customers to have these services, as long as they are required. For example, we have a partnership with The Prime Energize, in Monte Gordo, which allows us to deliver breakfast in our homes,” says Iuri Dee. Assis malo.

However, these services have an additional cost, which depends not only on the length of stay, but also on what the guest wants. However, this is still in the works, and the property doesn't officially open its doors until June 1, although reservations have already begun. “We are still working on creating a menu that we can serve – and then people will choose what type of breakfast, lunch and dinner they want,” the owner confirms.

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So, if you want to vacation at this Algarve retreat, which has the capacity to accommodate six people, It is important to know that the price per night ranges between €370 and €610 per night, depending on the season. No, you will not be able to stay just one night, because the minimum length of stay also varies depending on the months of the year.

In low season, which runs from January to March and November to December, guests must stay at least four nights, and in high season, which runs from April to May and September to October, one night is added. During peak season, between June and August, you'll need to book at least seven nights. Reservations can be made at Official website.

Casa Bartolomeo – Casas da Aria

family: Rua Jacinto Silorico Palma, 8950-277 Castro Marim, Portugal
Reservations: 966055176/ 968 869 369/281512003 / [email protected]