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Bartłomiej Topa Father of Twins!  Very happy after my girlfriend's serious illness - Super Express

Bartłomiej Topa Father of Twins! Very happy after my girlfriend’s serious illness – Super Express

Author: WBF

Bartłomiej Topa தந்தையானார்! His companion, Gabriela Mickeydock, gave birth to twins! The lucky actor shared the news on the internet. He showed a happy picture and wrote heartfelt words. Great joy came in his family after his girlfriend’s serious illness! Congratulations!

Bartłomiej Topa Father of Twins! The actor shared his happiness on Instagram. He was shown a picture of two baby carriers. One is pink and the other – blue! A little girl and boy appeared in the star’s family! This is a great pleasure for Toba and her partner Gabriela Mirosak, who have not been able to conceive for a long time due to endometriosis. The disease causes infertility among others. This is due to the fact that the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is located outside the uterine cavity. Toba and his girlfriend have been trying to enlarge the family for a long time. The lawyer also adopted two daughters. Currently more children are enrolled with girls.

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Bartholomew Toba, who became a father, wrote on Instagram: – , Yes, I share our happiness with you! Caprina @gab_measure Heartfelt thanks for the love and everything in it! Good on you! Our current children – thank you for the joy of waiting! (Original spelling – version.). The Holy Family in Warsaw also thanked the doctors and nurses: – Above all – those involved: doctors, midwives, consultants, nurses and wardens of specialized hospitals. Holy. Families on Madalinsko Street in Warsaw. For their concentration, effort, help and loving word! I would like to express my gratitude to 🌸🙏☀️❤️👈Director maldariuszmalczyk, Chief Physician Jerzy Zwoliński and Ms. Katarzyna Grzybowska.

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