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Basketball / Ousmane Dieng Draft Reactions in Oklahoma City, Lot-et-Coron

Basketball / Ousmane Dieng Draft Reactions in Oklahoma City, Lot-et-Coron

Last night, the first page of Ousmane Dieng’s adventure was written in the NBA (National Basketball Association). During the 11th selection of the NBA Draft, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver pronounced his name. The New York Knicks bought the 19-year-old. However, as soon as they selected him, they switched to the ownership page of “Oklahoma City Thunder”. Ousmane Dieng thus became the fourth highest-ranking Frenchman in NBA history, especially the first Lot-et-Garonnais.

Although it happened on the other side of the Atlantic, the draft did not fail to react to us. Former coaches and local basketball players passionately testify to what a great day it was for the game of lot-et-coronais.

Laurent Mopsus, Chairman of the Lot-et-Coron Departmental Committee: “I congratulate Usman Dieng’s father directly after he was selected. The unit is needed. It’s a challenge. You have only one chance. It’s a great moment for the field. At Lot-et-Garonne, we prove we’re not doing that.

Michael Baldas, President of Villeneuve BC: “We are proud of our little Usman’s journey, for him and his family, for taking his first step in the Descartes room. A dream come true. And for him and his parents we are so happy. . “

Alain Jules, Villeneuve BC Coach: “What an amazing journey little Ousmane has made, Salle Descartes made his first triples while he was watching his dad’s magic play, to be proud of him. He has already shown extraordinary physical qualities and now he is in Oklahoma city. There is still a way to progress. Is proud. “

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Leo Sansot, Villeneuve BC Coach: “We had known for months that he would definitely be selected in the top 15 in this draft. Last night, these predictions came true and are coming true. Lot-et-Coron’s young player is treading NBA bases. I feel lucky to have gone his way in his training class. His body and basketball. Beyond ability, Usman is a warm, hard-working and humble young man. It’s a reward worthy of his qualities as a person. We will follow in his footsteps.