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Battery condition is the main hurdle to buying used electricity

Battery condition is the main hurdle to buying used electricity

For many, buying a car is only possible if it has been used. However, there are also people who prefer to buy them used, for a number of reasons. This is not the case in electric cars and one of the main reasons is the condition of the battery.

Used cars are synonymous with good business, for the one who buys them, but also for the one who sells them. With the mass arrival and continuation of the trams, this was expected to continue from strength to strength, due to the lower exposure to poor mechanical maintenance conditions that electrically powered cars are subject to, compared to cars powered by a diesel engine. .

However, the scenario does not seem to be like this yet. One Stady conducted in the UK concluded that 61% of owners surveyed would buy an electric car, but more than a quarter would not, unless their main concerns were addressed.

As the battery condition is top notch, so is the charging infrastructure and the price associated with it (even talking about used cars). Traders revealed similar stats.

Without the used car market, the transition to electric cars is set to stall.

warned Lauren BammaDirector of Programs at the Green Finance Institute.

The Green Finance Institute report proposes some solutions to overcome the obstacles cited by respondents: a system to certify battery status, as well as safeguards for its value; and battery analysis system, ensuring accurate knowledge of the useful life of the components.