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Battle of Britain - VG

Battle of Britain – VG

The Battle of Britain

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The entire British Union is in trouble when Britain goes to the polls today.

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Ultimately, Britain could unravel under Boris Johnson. Then it becomes historical. But not as Pogo himself had predicted when he announced at the age of five that he would stay King of the world.

Under normal circumstances, the local elections in England and the national parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales would have a limited interest.

Even the so-called Super Thursday, Because this year, with the coincidental by-elections, direct elections to mayors and the election of regional police chiefs, it rarely mobilizes more than a third of the electorate.

But after Brexit, nothing was normal in the archipelago.

this is the first time The British go to the polls After the nationwide parliamentary elections in 2019. The ruling party usually tends to backtrack a bit on this assessment. But at Conservative Party headquarters, they are preparing for the worst.

Divided Land and People: Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not wanted by his party in Scotland Photo: Stefan Rousseau / Pool PA

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According to Assistant Party Secretary Amanda Millings, is afraid The Daily Telegraph More than 1,000 Conservative seats will expire when the country’s 48 million eligible voters today can pass judgments on politicians.

In contrast, the Conservatives could win the Northeast Labor Party stronghold Hartlepool. If the Blues also retain their new position in the “red wall,” as it is often called the traditional left fortress in the Midlands and northern England, a beautifully symbolic victory over Labor could offset the sharp loss of many Tory seats.

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Also because it will mean the seizure of prestige Kerr StarmerToday, he faces his first election as the new leader of the Labor Party.

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Sir Kerr knows exactly who and what he’s facing: In two rounds, BoJo demonstrated his abilities as a voter magnet. He has held Brexit and the largest majority of Conservatives in the House of Representatives in three decades. Fully in line with the desires of populous England.

In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Worker-ruled Wales, people voted differently. They have since felt flustered by Boris.

Of all the things he promised them when the descent began on Downing Street, none came. He had to bring people and countries together again after the troublesome Brexit dispute. But the divisions deepened.

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Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakford said recently that Boris called him only once.

Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Arlene Foster has just resigned because she believes she was cheated by Johnson, who helped him come to power. And because the prime minister’s handling of Brexit – as she did – has jeopardized the Northern Ireland peace agreement.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon was told that Scottish Autonomy was so “accident”, And that Boris prefers to reduce the powers of the Scottish Parliament rather than extend them, as his predecessors argued.

The British prime minister is so unpopular outside England that his party has asked him to stay away from the campaign in Scotland. Here, the SNP prepares to win a clear majority in the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood.

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For the Conservatives, the choice is more about limiting damage than winning new seats. In weak one-man circles, local Conservative Party teams required their members to vote tactically and choose a Labor candidate to block the SNP’s mandate.

In Wales it has frivolous The independence movement has grown exponentially under Boris Johnson. A third now want secession, and the Plaid Cymry separatist movement could have a direct impact as the Social Democrats support party in the Senedd.

Nor did Boris appear in Northern Ireland in the wake of the riots earlier this spring – something that a Prime Minister with a sincere desire to preserve the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would have expected.

Despite guarantees to the contrary, Boris introduced customs borders in the Irish Sea. It discriminates against Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, and adds to the growing disillusionment of the province’s loyalists, the majority always being unionists.

After being amplified by demographic change, Brexit, as well as a political development greatly enhancing interaction south with Ireland, these are now a declining majority. Loyalists believe Johnson has let them down.

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In the end Langfredagsavtalen He has a clause stating that the county can unilaterally announce a referendum on reunification of Ireland if the majority so desires, and according to many observers, this will likely take place in six to ten years.

Maybe even before that. This depends on the outcome of the elections in Scotland. If the Scottish National Party led by Nicola Sturgeon gains a majority in Holyrood, polls indicate, it will call for a new referendum on Scottish independence over the next five years.

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If the Greens in support of the SNP increase its representation in line with the same polls, the two separatist parties would receive the so-called supermajority. Both have already said that they would interpret it as a mandate from the Scottish people not only to call a referendum, but also to hold a referendum by 2023, as well as to implement the result immediately if the majority wanted to separate from the British. They will also apply for European Union membership.

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However, recent polls are not as clear as they were earlier this spring. Then more than 60 percent of Scots would vote to belong to Britain, and 55 percent wanted independence. Now the position is approximate. 50/50 in both questions. Just 30 percent Against Scottish EU membership.

There are strong economic arguments against Scottish secession, which would also mean a difficult border with England.

Unfortunately for Britain, the British Confederation does not have a Prime Minister who could reliably raise such objections against the Scots. They remember very well how he consistently rejected the same concerns about Brexit.

And what he said about leaving the European Union: The will of the people must be respected.

Notice! Because of the epidemic does not Final election result It is posted by over the weekend. In some districts, the vote counting does not start until Saturday morning. It is also unclear whether the postal ballots can be counted. In this case, the result will not be known until next week.