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"Battle of the Reality Stars" 2022 - Who's Out?

“Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022 – Who’s Out?

In the battle for the title “Reality Star 2022”, 22 celebrities are once again facing exciting challenges between a heavenly beach and star Salah.

In the third season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, 22 well-known faces from TV and social media are bargaining again for the fame and recognition of their fellow campaigners, and have to prove their mettle and team spirit in the regular challenges. Who can score with fame and empathy, and who is dangerous without a knowledge of human nature? Who can continue to dream of a யூ 50,000 prize money, whose journey is already over? Available every Wednesday from April 13th at 8:15 pm on RTL Zwei or already Exclusively in advance RTL + (Formerly TVNOW).

“Battle of the Reality Stars”: Tears and harsh words in Episode 1

When Elena Miras He was also successful as the first participant to introduce Dream Beach Shepherd Henry In the star camp. After getting to know each other, it-girl Nina Christine Added. But since the trio did not have the opportunity to speak John Lake Already approaching. Shocked, Elena uses the trio’s last seconds to make it clear that she does not like him. She does not hide it from John, who directly rejects online enmity – he can not remember taking Elena directly to his heart.

To do Sharon discovered Meets Partihengst Yasin Mohammed Elena is so happy to see. That too corrupt judges Ronald Schill In the third season of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, John is particularly excited. The next newcomer, on the other hand, shouts at Nina happily: Tessa Bergmeier. However, for Elena, there is another reason to avoid. At dinner, vegetarian Tessa bears the brunt of her misconceptions about food.

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If you do not have enough reality TV, do not miss this video:

John sacrifices himself and moves Heinrich with tears

Pump the next morning Mauro Coratino And Iris Klein For the group – the latter, however, only via the iPad due to corona infection. The first game “Reality Court” follows immediately, in which the stars have to answer a question about their fellow fighters. However, when responding, they need to keep in mind what the audience will respond to. Unfortunately, celebrities do not have good knowledge and as a punishment they always have to go to the toilet in groups of seven.

But they do not have to be angry about it for a long time, because the second game is not long in coming and attracts a good prize: whoever wins is safe from the impending exit. In teams of two, candidates must wrap a rope from a spool around their body and then pull it up again. John and Heinrich do it quickly, and now have to decide which of them has the green card for the next round. John does not hesitate long: Heinrich may stay.

Who should go on episode 1 of Battle of the Reality Stars?

For all the other celebrities it means shake-up, because at last the newcomers Mavro and Iris have decided in their own hands. Both argue stubbornly; Mauro is actively campaigning for Tessa, which wants Iris to vote for John. But he is so important to the show, Mauro insists.

The time has finally come for the “moment of truth” and the two announce who the time is up for in Thailand: Private Detective Sharon discovered Already in episode 1 she has to pack her bag. When this brings tears to Elena’s eyes, Tessa is relieved. It seems we haven’t seen Sharon’s last film, however, as she followed a sign that said “more broadcast time”. Will he then return to “Battle of the Reality Stars”?

Who else is inside?

  • Elena MirasKnown from “Love Island”
  • Shepherd HenryAs is known from “the farmer seeks his wife”
  • It-girl Nina Christine
  • Ronald SchillCalled the Corruption Judge
  • Yasin MohammedKnown from “Temptation Island”
  • Sharon discoveredTV Detective
  • Tessa BergmeierKnown as “Germany’s next best model”
  • John LakeFormer actor on the show “Berlin Day and Night”
  • Mauro Coratino“Junk Squad” part
  • Iris KleinMother of Daniela Gutsenberger
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The following reality stars will also be competing for titles and prize money in upcoming episodes:

  • Elise Coke, Influencer
  • Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, television astrologer
  • Diana Foster or rapper Rich Nana
  • Mike Cheese, better known as “Bachelorette”
  • Larissa Newman, former “GNTM” participant
  • Chethrin Schulze, former “Aftersun” presenter
  • Sissi Hofbauer, stationery owner
  • Paco Herb is known as the winner of “Love Island”
  • Prince Haynes of Sine-Widgenstein
  • Jackie twins Ilona and Susanna
  • Martin Wernicke, better known as “Berlin Day and Night”
  • Enrico Elijah, Influencer

Preview: What Happens in Episode 2?

– Attention, Episode 2 has Spoilers –

Already at the end of the first episode, it was pointed out that Mauro Cordino was fighting for his part in the camp. As the situation worsened again, as RTL Zwei revealed in the episode description, the garbage trooper finally voluntarily left the show. But the stars are not alone much longer, because with Enrico Elijah, Mike Cheese And Sissy Hofbauer We welcome three new faces to the beach.

However, the waves were not smooth and Yasin and Jan clashed in the next game. Heinrich even allows his emotions to run freely because there are big tears on his face in the preview. Elena tries to comfort the good-natured shepherd. Find out what makes Heinrich cry, and whether John and Yassin will get back on track next week on April 20 at 8:15 pm on the RTL Zwei or from April 16 in advance. Exclusively on RTL +.

Until then, in the quiz, you can prove how well you know your way on reality TV:

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