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Battlefield 2042 - An in-depth look at three new maps for release

Battlefield 2042 – An in-depth look at three new maps for release

Today (28), EA and DICE separate three of the maps that will be available in Battlefield 2042 On November 19. These new environments have been carefully designed for players and players to engage in Battlefield’s trademark multiplayer, such as vertical, close and long combat, vehicular attack, and dynamic destruction in All-Out Warfare, Battlefield Portal and Hazard Zone modes.

More details about the three new maps can be found below:

Transformation is an eclectic landscape set in the Egyptian desert with a solar power plant on one side and a fertile research center on the other. The map shows a wall between the two areas with multiple entry points, including the bottleneck through the Conquest Entry control point in the middle of the map. Players and players must also prepare for combat battles in these areas, as well as in both buildings located within the Transformation.

The city of Thao, Antarctica, has a naval platform on the frozen coast, as well as a panorama station high up on the battlefield, making it a focal point for aerial battles. On segmented glacier trails, female and male players battle in and out of icy slopes connected by ziplines and rope bridges, where quick parachuting can be the difference between life and death.

Rubble features a village along the west coast of India, a disassembled hull and a Colosso ship to explore. This map has a lot of coverage and a lot of combat action; The Colosso ship allows fans to confront inside its hull, while air strikes and tanks collide with its hull. With unpredictable weather, both female and male players will need to turn on the alarm, as a hurricane can hit the map at any time.

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We hope you can share this video with your readers and readers today; is to reveal the stunning theaters of war created by the DICE team for Battlefield 2042.