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BATTLEGROUNDS receives update 27.2 – Freya's Pizza

BATTLEGROUNDS receives update 27.2 – Freya's Pizza

Krafton Inc. announced On Friday the nineteenth of this month, update 27.2 of PUBG: Battlegrounds Available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series to Full update notes Already available with all the changes in 27.2, but here we want to delve into some specific points about how the market works, as it is a very important resource with many properties capable of changing the course of a match. Check out all the details below!

Welcome to Rondo Market!

The new Rondo Market changes every journey to the battlefield by allowing players to purchase weapons and equipment using BR Coins, a new in-game feature. Instead of searching around corners and relying on luck to find their favorite weapons, players have multiple purchase options and can select the best tactic at the moment, giving survivors the chance to obtain vital tools for victory. Collect BR Coins, make your purchases and build your way to victory.

Find the path to wealth!

The first step in PUBG: Battlegrounds It is earning BR coins. If you're lucky you can find them through the regular loot that appears in the world, but this alone may not be enough, so there are other ways:

  • Complete in-game challenges
    • When players start on the starting island, three random challenges are displayed on the left part of the map, offering accessories, equipment, or BR Coins as rewards. If the player is not interested in these tasks, he can replace them with other challenges, a limited number of times.
    • Some of the challenges available are:
      • Two vehicle tires were destroyed
      • Loot a smoke bomb
      • Use 5 pads
  • Sell ​​your inventory items on the market
    • Found an item in the market, but don't have enough coins? You can sell some things from your inventory for BR coins and get what you really need in combat. Items that can be exchanged for BR coins are indicated in the upper left corner.
    • If you open any of the RONDO vaults, the gold bars you find can be exchanged for 1000 coins.
    • Make sure you only sell what you will not use, because it is not possible to repurchase items sold at the market.
  • Defeat the Pillar Guard
    • There are three levels to the market, the largest and most elaborate level offering higher quality items. But don't think that you will get these high-quality goods so easily. First of all, it is necessary to defeat the vertical guard patrols.
    • These bad guys will impose an extra level of difficulty to get to the market. On the other hand, it provides BR coins when defeated, ensuring that more resources are spent.
  • Defeat enemies
    • Just like Pillar Guards, players will also drop their BR Coins when they are killed. Even if you're empty-handed, a profitable quest may be all it takes to get your hands on your favorite weapon.

Most importantly, BR Coins do not accumulate between your trips to Rondo. If you have the opportunity to spend it, take it!

Go shopping!

Once a player PUBG: Battlegrounds You have enough coins, it's time to go to the market. Each is marked on the map, with icons indicating the type: first class, second class, and third class (some first class markets may have an attached garage, and are marked accordingly). The math is simple, the higher the level, the better the items available.

There's no limit to how many times you can hit a particular market, but just like your favorite candy store, supplies are limited. It's worth spending some time shopping around, as update 27.2 also introduces some useful new equipment.

In addition to the new weapons, accessories, and items you already know and love, here are some new features up for grabs.

  • Combat readiness group: When used, it fills the health and energy bars completely after 8 seconds.
  • New vehicle – UAZ column: If you find a high-end market with a garage, you can buy the exclusive Pillar UAZ, which features bulletproof windows, durable tires and a trunk. Riders can't shoot from inside the car, but it's an interesting trade-off for most teams looking to stay in Rondo.
  • Emergency cover beacon: The Emergency Cover Beacon, a throwable item that provides good defense, delivers red smoke that activates the connection of three concrete blocks. These structures are heavy enough to break bamboo and wood fences, and can hit players in the landing zone. to caution!

The markets introduce a new element of gameplay and strategy to… PUBG: Battlegrounds Unique in Rondo. Players can now develop their tactics by securing their favorite items, a feature balanced by new destinations and objectives to be contested. Consider setting up an ambush around the market, making a purchase in the opening moments before supplies run out (depriving other players of getting good items) and carrying some extra binoculars to sell later.

on PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds It is a well-known shooting game in this format Battle Royale, which pits 100 players against each other in a battle for survival. Gather supplies and defeat your opponents to become the last person standing. The title was created by Brendan Green, pioneer of the genre and creator of game modes Battle Royale On the chain a weapon that it H1Z1: King of Killing.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 that it PC via Steam.

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