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BBF's Daniel Kennedy struggles to save his sister... for the second time - National

BBF’s Daniel Kennedy struggles to save his sister… for the second time – National

after every thing , “Famous Big Brother” contestant Daniel Kennedy Also in the program to try to help A sister who was forced to have both legs amputated due to complications of diabetes.

Nadine Teixeira, 45 years old, She revealed to “TV 7 Dias” that the former Portuguese player wants to help her getSuite that adapts to your wheelchair. “He said he’s going [no ‘reality show’] So you can help me get a home. He had no chance to help me. It’s half for him and half for me.”

One of his goals is not just to start from scratchIf he wins, he said, it will be a home vision, even if it’s T1. What he wants is to help me pay the rent. “A large part of it is there for me,” he continued. Nadine underwent the amputation of her first leg in 2017 after she contracted an infection, and three years later she was forced to perform the same surgery on the other leg, which made matters worse, Nadine moved into a room with her 17-year-old son, where she lives to this day with an income of 701 euros. (490 for disability pension and 211 for social income), but of this amount, 540 euros were paid between room rent and medication.

I wanted to give up everything

Nadine admitted to the same magazine that she considered suicide, but she was Daniel Kennedy Whoever responded actually prevented the desperate act.

The first time I told my brother I wanted to give up everythingwho wanted to kill me, looked at me and almost strangled me, Nadine said, “You have no right to say that, sister,” the former player said, “But I was desperate, I was tired,” Nadine admitted.

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