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BCP leads a positive day and puts Lisbon ahead of its European counterparts

BCP leads a positive day and puts Lisbon ahead of its European counterparts

The bank is the main protagonist of the positive sentiment experienced in Lisbon Square that is spreading to key European markets.

The PSI index rose by 1.10%, reaching 6194.09 points, during Monday’s session. This rise puts the Lisbon Stock Exchange ahead of its most important European counterparts, on a day in which it gained investor confidence.

Among the strongest increases, BCP jumped 2.32% to €0.2602 per share. This was followed by the energy sector in which EDP rose by 1.51% and reached €3,831, while Galp advanced by 1.43% and ended the day at €14.59.

In the red, Ibersol's stock shrank by 0.90% and shares were trading at €6.60.

Among the major European markets, Italy and Spain stand out, with increases of 0.94% and 0.91%, respectively. Germany followed with gains of 0.65%, while the overall Euro Stoxx 50 index advanced 0.61%, and France added 0.55%. The lowest increase was observed in the United Kingdom, which amounted to 0.03%.

In the oil market, the price of crude oil fell by 0.20%, to just under $77 per barrel.

“European stock exchanges had a day of optimism, with the PSI leading gains among major stock indices, supported by a 2.3% rise in BCP and more than 1% rise in listed multiples, including EDP, NOS, Sonae, Altri and Galp, accounts showed before the start of the session,” it said. What was highlighted in the analysis conducted by the Equity Markets Department of Millennium Investment Banking.

“Strengthening rallies on Wall Street, where the cryptocurrency sector remains enthusiastic about Bitcoin’s new approach at $50,000, contributed to sentiment, on a day without significant macroeconomic data,” according to analysts.

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“On the Old Continent, it is worth highlighting the good performance of meal delivery companies, such as Just Eat Takeaway, Hellofresh and Delivery Hero, as well as Siemens Energy, supported by buy recommendations,” it can also be read.