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Beach Soccer: Recital Brechtsel eliminates Portugal at the last second

Beach Soccer: Recital Brechtsel eliminates Portugal at the last second

On Thursday afternoon, Portugal lost to Belarus in the quarter-finals of the Beach Soccer World Cup, which is being held in Dubai. With the transition, Mario Narciso's team was unable to take advantage of the opportunities, and “fell” at the last second (3-4).

It was necessary to use extra time to resolve the tie which had different nuances. Let's rewind.

The national team emerged in control, taking advantage of the opportunities created by Jordan and goalkeeper Pedro Manu. However, between the goalposts was Avgustov, who proved throughout the match that he was “iron”, naturally blocking countless shots.

However, the team was unable to do anything in front of Duarte Algarveo's shot in the ninth minute of the first half. In his first appearance in the match, the 23-year-old “Axis” scored his first goal in the World Cup, with a cross shot, from right to left, after a pass from Manu.

Before the end of the opening period, Leo Martins missed what looked like the right goal. After Jordan's foray down the left flank, the experienced 'short player' did not take advantage of the open goal opportunity, something Mario Narciso would regret an hour later.

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Brechtzel, name of eternity

In the second half, Belarus restored parity with the first shot. 'Rocket' Brechtzel – who was then equal to Leo Martins as the World Cup's top scorer with seven goals – evaded Pedro Manu, before hitting the post and slotting into the net.

Two minutes later, with 10:18 remaining in the match, the same Brechtzel completed the conversion after a mistake by the Portuguese goalkeeper. Pedro Manu caught the ball from outside the penalty area, taking advantage of a direct free kick from the left of the attack from close range.

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This goal destabilized the national team, increasing constructive errors and hasty decisions in attack, and “giving away” gifts to opponents, who were, however, erratic and ineffective. However, four minutes after the 1-2 draw, the Belarusians consolidated their advantage.

Before celebrating “Ronaldo style”, for the third time in the match, Brechtzel – what else?! – He benefited from a penalty kick, after a mistake by Ruben Brillante, who missed a pass in midfield.

If Portugal's ambitions weakened, Jordan appeared at the right time, finally effective, to score 2-3, one minute and 43 minutes before the end of this period. From a free kick on the left flank, the 32-year-old experienced winger's shot sparked Kuinas' recovery.

Few opportunities and capital mistakes

Between Avgustov's stops, Bernardo Lopez “hid” near the right post and headed Pedro Manu's shot. Thus, the 26-year-old homeowner regained par, 7:23 minutes before the final horn sounded.

However, the match entered a physical phase, marked by many errors, a chapter in which the Belarusians were always superior. It is the “beach” of Spaniard Nico Caporale's collection, as Mario Narciso warns in the preview.

In extra time, only Belarus was able to score the goal, despite its irregular build-up. However, Pedro Manu's excessive danger allowed opponents to deliver a final warning, as his shot hit the left post.

One minute later, Brechtzel did not forgive the unmarked player and scored the fourth goal in the match and the tenth in the World Cup. It was the end of the national dream. One second on the mark wasn't even enough to practice a response.

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“It was a good match, and we were superior. Sometimes we play well and lose,” Mario Narciso said after the match.

Thus, Belarus joins Brazil in the “semi-finals” of the World Cup, awaiting the opponent who will emerge from the match between Italy and Tahiti.