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Beacon Pines (Switch) gets a new trailer for a September 22 release date

Beacon Pines (Switch) gets a new trailer for a September 22 release date

Fellow traveler publisher and developer Hiding Spot Games today announced via Twitter the release of Pines lighthouse for Nintendo Switch on September 22. can be purchased from eShop BR For 100.76 Brazilian Real. The game will still be available for X-BoxAnd the Computer via Steam And the epic shop On this same date.

A little about the game:

Discover the truth

Something strange is happening in the old warehouse, and it seems that Luca and his friends are the only ones who notice it. Sneak up the night, make new friends, discover secret truths and collect words that will change fate!

Use amulets to rewrite events

As you help Luka investigate strange events in the Beacon Pines, you’ll collect special golden amulets with engraved words. They can be used to mark moments in a story to fill in word space and change whatever comes next.

Discover new paths

As a reader of the book, you will explore the defining moments in history with The Chronicle: an interactive story with chapters that expands on your choices. By exploring a range of events, you’ll be able to unlock new amulets for use in another branch, allowing you to switch between different versions of the story to unravel the mysteries of the Beacon Pines.

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