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Beating two weeks to postpone his second-degree vaccination, Warren declares on TF1

Beating two weeks to postpone his second-degree vaccination, Warren declares on TF1

Health Minister Oliver Warren, who was a guest at TF1 at 8:00 pm, spoke after announcing the extension of the vaccine to adolescents from June 15, which was produced by Emmanuel Macron earlier this Wednesday.

The Minister also spoke about arranging vaccinations this summer at his holiday venue.


> Vaccine

-From well, a disgusting move would allow two weeks to hit the same vaccination center in line with the summer holidays. ” When you are vaccinated at the center, an appointment is made seven weeks later. You can pick it up after six to eight weeks there. “, He explained.

-The Minister states that it is not possible for a teenager to be vaccinated without parental consent and that vaccination is “not mandatory in any case”.

– 12-18 year olds can be vaccinated with Pfizer at the vaccination center.

The advisory board’s opinion on the vaccination guidelines for adolescents is due Monday.

> Failure of emergency numbers

Problems in Achieving Emergency Numbers: Oliver Woorn mentions maintenance failure.

The crash on Wednesday evening was caused by several emergency call centers, including Samu, firefighters and police.Due to a maintenance issue“, Health Minister Oliver Warren questioned on TF1.

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It would be “(Operator) Orange arranged maintenance, which would have caused very random breakdowns, down to 30% in some sectors”, According to the invited Minister “People need to go to their provincial website to call local numbers. ” “It simply came to our notice thenThat should be resolved quickly enough, he said.