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Beatrice Costa fell after being the target of a comedian at the Golden Globes: 'I wouldn't pretend she didn't shake my physique' - Patriot

Beatrice Costa fell after being the target of a comedian at the Golden Globes: ‘I wouldn’t pretend she didn’t shake my physique’ – Patriot

love Beatriz She is the most famous character of comedian Marta BatiraInitially a hit on YouTube, he gained renewed popularity from appearing in RTP’s 5 para a Meia-Noite, as well as in Bruno Nogueira’s rights while in confinement. However, the “red ball” and situational humor do not always seem to be compatible among his target audience And among professional colleagues, it seems.

On the night of the Golden Globes, Beatrice was at the door of Coliseo dos Recreos, waiting for the various celebrities who arrived at the venue, in order to star in a video for the program presented by Inês Lopes Gonçalves, something she had already done in previous years. However, not everyone was impressed with this initiative, even a celebrity, whose name was not revealed, criticized the comedian: “On Globe Night, a famous comedian pointed out that I am not a comedian. In fact, it showed what a lot of people think,” he wrote in a personal Instagram post.

I won’t pretend she didn’t rock the hull a bit, eventually I noticed I brought the frog home through the board. The next day, after thinking about it, I was at peace. I am not a humorist of genius, a teller of funny tales … but a good narrator of unpublished and surreal stories and I change the mood of many people through my work, I manage to make them smile and maybe laugh, make people out of bad, I do public service with humor etc so I’m a humorous guy‘ he finished, with a kiss on the shoulder.

In the comments box, Beatrice Lake received words of support from several celebrities including, Singer Gisela Joao, who said, “Thank you for so much laughter.”, as well as Anna Bacalhau who stated that Beatrice Gusto has “a sense of humor and love”.

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