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Beatrice Egley (Schleger) with the sad news: "It breaks my heart"

Beatrice Egley (Schleger) with the sad news: “It breaks my heart”

Beatrice Ugly is sad and tells her fans why.

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With a heavy heart, Beatrice Ugly reports to her fans and announces the sad news that breaks her heart.

Bern – Two years after the epidemic, artists and musicians in particular are still battling the effects of the corona virus. The virus blocks their plans and concerts or shows should not take place and should be canceled. This is not only a tragedy for the fans, of course the stars are fighting in it. Schlager star Beatrice Egli * has been hit again. He shared the sad news on his Instagram account.

Beatrice Egley (Schleger) is sad: “It breaks my heart”

“It breaks my heart,” the 33-year-old runner-up said in a poll for “the most beautiful Swiss woman” and added: “But today I want to give you a sad update about ‘Ghost Mir Juhas’. Tour.” Ten concert dates were planned for their tours in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But, due to the current corona situation these cannot take place. “We’re all looking forward to this tour, which was supposed to take place in February – because it had to be a very special concert. Everything had to be close, intimate, and very personal in a small circle,” Eckley later added: “But this concept of the general situation tour is still playful. Makes it impossible, which is why we have to cancel it with a heavy heart. “

The Schlecker singer was “endlessly sad” because of this decision. At the same time also responsible. “In this environment we can do nothing but stick together and look forward to the best times for concerts in this environment,” Egley continued. First of all, this is sad news for his fans. However, at the same time, they understand and motivate the artist.

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Beatrice Egli: The most important information about the Schlager singer

  • Name: Beatrice Egly
  • Born June 21, 1988 in Pfäffikon (Switzerland).
  • Profession: Singer, Composer
  • Celebrity: Winner of the 10th season of “DSDS” (RTL), various hit shows on TV

Beatrice Ugly made fans sad as the tour was canceled

“It simply came to our notice then. But health comes first. Get excited and it will get better and better, ”he reads in the comments below his Instagram post. Another follower * tries to create a Schleizer star with encouraging words: “Totally understandable, this is a shame, dear Beatrice. Be strong, good times will come to all.”

The singer also promises a non-hassle-free refund to fans who are already able to grab one of their favorite concert tickets. “Please give the ticket a few days. You will be contacted about this next week, after which a refund will be arranged,” he announced under his message. Despite the disappointment, Ugly looks to the future positively: “Even though it is very painful now: we will meet again! That is the idea I hold with hope and anticipation. (Jbr) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA