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Because Messi is a PSG favorite!

Because Messi is a PSG favorite!

Will French football finally (again) experience the addiction of peaks? After the OM coronation in 1993 and the Champions League, the PSG round ball can be questioned by the most experienced spectators. Since the arrival of Lionel Messi in Paris-Saint-Germain a few days ago, the players of the capital are now serving as finalists in the trophy with big ears. In August 2020 8. For example, from 8.50 to 3.60 Bookmaker Netbed, The contradictions of Paris’ victory were not so little presented at the start of the match, which proves the impact that Bulga is having on the Ile-de-France game. Can we expect great things from there? Why not think so?

A major psychological contribution

With the arrival of Lionel Messi, but also the arrival of Sergio Ramos, Gigio Donnarumma or Giorgio Vijnoldam, PSG now has a real team of winners and, in addition, a talented staff. With the experienced and brilliant central hinge of Marquinhos-Sergio Ramos, attacking some of the greatest players in history, the midfielder seems to be armed to go as far as possible on the European Union scene in 2021-2022, more densely than in recent years. . This is proven above all by the incredible achievement that its players have already been crowned with.

Overall, if we talk only about summer recruitments, PSG offers the equivalent of winning eleven Champions Leagues, with one player winning each line. From Keeler Navas to Leo Messi, to Wijaltam and Sergio Ramos in the middle, every box on the Paris Stadium has a Champions League winner, enough to give him some guarantees when big duels are planned. Concentration and psychological skepticism in the Champions League is a great asset to a club that has long stumbled.

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Munich and Paris in front of the city

In the minds of bookmakers ahead of Bayern Munich and Manchester City, Chelsea are advancing as the Paris No. 1 favorite to win this season. Not Paris supporters can complain about this. After a string of defeats against Bayern Munich and Manchester City, the Paris team could be called back to the last four in the spring of 2022 and reaffirm its firm position change. The planned chicken draw in the Swiss city of Neon at the end of August could provide any kind of happy (and unhappy) role among these PSG opponents. If Paris ’ambition in the QSI version has always been big, it’s time to move from dream to reality. At risk of falling even more.