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"Because of her dream, I didn't have time..."

“Because of her dream, I didn’t have time…”

Marco Costa recalled the last times of the relationship with Vanessa Martins, which ended at the end of the summer of 2020, and she was already in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The baker confessed to his colleagues, and ended up assigning responsibilities in “the pursuit of a dream” to his former partner, instilling in him the ambition that dictated him to end the marriage.

“Maybe my relationship ended due to lack of time on my part. Suddenly Covid comes, my relationship ends, I have time like hell and no one to spend my time with”begins with an explanation.

“Imagine, I already had a relationship, I didn’t have time, I was looking for money. But a lot because… I was infused with a previous relationship that I should have had this ambition, because I am not an ambitious person”reveals Marco Costa.

The baker explains that by following Vanessa Martins’ dream, he ended up focusing too much on work and no time for a relationship: “So, because of someone’s dream, I tried to fulfill this dream and all of a sudden I didn’t have time for a relationship because I went to fulfill someone else’s dream… Meanwhile I don’t have time for this person, covid comes, my relationship ends… I have time, I don’t have the person “Marco Costa said.

Remember that the former couple ended their marriage at the end of summer 2020. Vanessa Martins is currently dating Miguel Angelo. Marco Costa, in October of last year, took over the relationship with Carolina Pinto.