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Because today is Friday

Because today is Friday

Since today is Friday, it is open on weekends. It may be sunny, it may be raining, currently we don’t know. Some said May would be dry and hot, in fact, it was wet and cold. So if you don’t know anything about meteorology, don’t spoil the deal. Speaking of humor, did you see the pictures we have today? Good weekend.

look at the pictures

Inside the ZIP file are over 100 great photos (of men with bushy beards and people with a good sense of humor), here's an invitation to download and view all the photos.

And because today is Friday verse 801 [22MB]


Dude with humor

It's two in the morning. The husband and wife sleep side by side and the phone rings. The man answers and says in an annoyed tone:
- please.
On the other side, a short silence, then a man's voice says:
- I'm trying to call home. I hope not.

The pregnant man was walking along the sidewalk, when he was about to cross the street, he bumped into a drunk.
angry squint says:
"Don't you see where you're going?"
"And you don't go where you look!"

A couple of lovers said in a conversation:
During Holy Week, I will do as Jesus did.
- Seriously, baby, are you going to sacrifice yourself?
- No, I'll be gone on Friday and won't show up until late Sunday.

At a conference of things, Olive Oil was giving a talk and said:
- I am the most important and to prove it, if they leave me, I give them a year of bad luck.
The mirror replied:
- I am more important, because if they break me I give 7 years of bad luck.
Deep down there was a laugh, it was a condom.

Alentejo orders red from Borba.
The stewardess asks the passenger on the side, a Jehovah's Witness, if he'd like something to drink.
Jehovah's Witnesses answer with a displeased look:
- I'd rather be kidnapped and brutally raped by dozens of whores from Babylon before a drop of alcohol touched my lips.
The Alentejo man, attentive to the conversation, returns the red glass to the hostess and says:
- Me too!!! What I didn't know is that you can pick these things up at this company!

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Imagine two breasts with RGB… a pair of them blink!!!

Japanese talent

This is really love. Hold back the tears

If you're training to be a clown... you're set!

The only wooden 2 CVV in the world for sale

Indians are far ahead. See a blanket-style tartar floor

Things that happen in a strange place with strangers

Farming with these machines is another characteristic

You Won't Believe This Video... But It Happened!

He was resting peacefully until he suddenly paid a friendly visit

The bear gets trapped inside the car and destroys everything

It was a relationship that she had everything to work with. but…

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There are things that need to be photographed

It became a turn

Sá Pinto gets knocked out and loses his head in defeat in the cup final

"Fucking shame." Mourinho explodes in the garage of Ariana Puskas after losing the final

A drunk woman wanted to take the car to the beach

surprising. A man saves a dog using cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Bear goes to the sweet shop and eats 60 cupcakes...they were good, he said!

Dad decorates his daughter's computer...

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West Ham players at Aquashow do Algarve

Video testimonials about life

"It's a Girl" | Banco BPI campaign... what a great video!!!!!

Bruno de Carvalho sings kodoro? What did this come to!

Good weekend!