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Bee News – Seven-time champion – Benfica

Bee News – Seven-time champion – Benfica

Issue 341 | June 3, 2024

Director: Pedro Pinto | Diary (Free)


Seven-time champion

Benfica women's futsal team is the national champion for the seventh time in a row. This is the highlight of BNews.

1. Strengthening dominance

Three matches from the final were enough for Benfica, in the women's futsal category, to once again celebrate the national title. It is the seventh win in a row for the team who in 2023/24 also won the Portuguese Cup, the Super Cup and the prestigious UEFA Women's Champions League.

Alex Pinto talks about the achievement, shares the merit and points to the challenges ahead: “It was goal No. 1 and we crowned the season with this seventh championship. Congratulations to the players, staff, board and fans, who have followed us throughout the team and who always make us feel at home. Let’s celebrate and relax then We think about next season, where we want to be at this level, and we will work to win everything, because we want to continue making history.”

In his congratulatory message, the president of Sport Lisbon and Benfica, Rui Costa, referred to “another wonderful chapter in the sporting history of our club.”

two. Tropin in the spotlight

The numbers bear witness to the rapid adaptation to Benfica and Tropin's high quality.

3. Discussion in black

After the victory it achieved in the second match, Benfica returns to play in Braga, today, at 8:45 pm, to determine the finalist in the National Futsal Championship. Mario Silva highlights that “in terms of commitment and attitude, he should be at least the same, or even better” than he was in the previous match.

4. An important victory

Benfica beat Oliveriense, in Oliveira de Azimes, after a penalty shootout. The semifinals of the National Hockey League, played in best-of-five games, are tied at one win per team.

SL Benfica cannot ignore the unfortunate statements made by hockey coach UD Oliveirense after yesterday's match. In addition to making a false accusation, Edo Bush deliberately asked to benefit from the following match. It is a clear attempt to adapt the refereeing, as yesterday's match was marked by several attacks by UD Oliveirense athletes on SL Benfica athletes.

5. Full is very close

Benfica women's handball team lost to Madeira Sad, after extra time (34-36), in the final of the Portuguese Cup, while they became three-time national champions, won the Super Cup and the FAP Cup and reached the semi-finals of the EHF Women's European Cup.

6. Other results

In the first match of the quarterfinals of the National Women's Hockey Championship, Benfica won 3-1 over CENAP.

The under-15 football team suffered a defeat at home to Braga (0-1), leaving them two points away from the title with two rounds to go.

7. So as not to lose

Watch on BTV, first showing at 10pm, the special report “Menino de Ouro” with Diogo Ribeiro, the Portuguese swimming prodigy.

8. European Under-17 Championship

Portugal reached the final and had the decisive contribution of four Benfica players.

9. Title in volleyball training

After the U-21 and Cadet team, it was the U-15 team's turn to celebrate winning the National Championship.

10. Museum initiative

Benfica Museum – Cosme Damiao celebrated Universal Children's Day with two initiatives.

Children's Day e-store campaigns

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