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Before becoming extinct, the Komodo dragon left the Mongols in Australia

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History of abnormal reproduction The largest living lizard on earth, The Komodo Dragon, A new study has found Australian National University.

Komodo Dragon It is known for its size and hunting skills, reaching up Three meters Long and Feeds the buffalo, Deer, and even occasionally human. But don’t put it all aside.

New research shows they have their home though Indonesia, The Komodo Dragon Probably appeared Australia, As predicted by previous fossil findings. There it bred with a type of lizard, the ancestor of the sand monitor, a type of gonna.

The primary author of the study, Carlos Bowen Vasquez, Which is said to be the first clear proof of this type Improper creation, Is called Mixed, It happens Wild monitor lizards.

“This study shows that Mixed This can have a long-term effect. In this case, it happened millions of years ago, but the signals are still under sand tracking. They have a lot in common Komodo Dragon More than one would expect, “he said A statement Bavon Vasquez.

Sand monitors Found only in Australia and the South New Guinea, When Komodo Dragon Found in only a few Islands in Indonesia. If they are to cross paths, they must have lived together in the past.

“Our data support the theory that Komodo dragons appeared Australia Then they passed Indonesia Before destruction Australia“, To explain.

Bavon Vasquez With previous fossil evidence Queensland, Changes what we know about biology Komodo dragons.

“It simply came to our notice then Komodo Dragon This is a great example of what biologists call the island rule, small animals grow in an insular environment. But our findings provide strong evidence for that Komodo Dragon It was already huge when it appeared Australia” he said.

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“We also show how to detect different types of data Mixed. This is important because it is difficult to detect when it happened millions of years ago. Now we can tell by observation Animal morphology and genes”.

Bavon Vasquez He said we know more about biology Komodo DragonWe can protect it from future threats to humanity and the environment.

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