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"Before I became a mother, I was my stepmother."  Júlia Pinheiro revealed she doesn't want to be a mother

“Before I became a mother, I was my stepmother.” Júlia Pinheiro revealed she doesn’t want to be a mother

Julia Pinero The interviewee was on the afternoon of Friday 7 October on SIC. The conversation, guided by her husband, Roy Peugeotmarked by many special moments and some revelations.

It’s just that Julia Pinheiro didn’t always want to be a mother. And this desire did not appear until after the announcer met the announcer’s daughter, as a result of a previous relationship.

Julia Pinheiro talks about her daughters’ anorexia: “From time to time there is doubt whether I contributed to it”

I didn’t want to have children. Not that I have anything against the idea of ​​motherhood. When I was young, children were not very interested in me. I found it difficult. (…) The road to motherhood was your daughter‘ He began to confess.

She also revealed, “I was my stepmother before I was a mother.”

However, not everything was easy. It’s just that Julia Pinheiro hated being pregnant. “I never had this state of bliss‘, he admitted. But everything changed the moment he felt his first child, Roy Maria Bejoin the chest.

There is something deep, from the moment they put me on his chest, he looked at me, I looked at him and I realize that from then on, I will always look at him“.

Then the couple gave birth to two daughters. A funny memory, as the presenter explains: “The lady says, “Ah, there is another heart here.” And I looked at the lady and thought, “She is handicapped.”. “No, there are two children here,” the doctor revealed.

Giulia Pinheiro’s husband offered a car to the announcer who noticed it only 3 days later

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