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Before Sporting's party, Nuno Markle remembers the "insults" at a concert - fact

Before Sporting’s party, Nuno Markle remembers the “insults” at a concert – fact

Like many other well-known faces, Nuno Markle was not indifferent to Sporting celebrations, and he showed himself upset about ignoring the measures taken to stop the epidemic.

In a text he posted on his Instagram page, the Manhãs da Comercial animator took the opportunity to recall the “insults” of a concert by Bruno Nogueira, as he compared the two situations.

“I have a lot of athletes around and they are happy, and I’m happy for them. I don’t understand anything about the ball, but I do understand the importance it has in the lives of those who love it and I respect it a lot. For this love,” he began by stating.

“ But as much as I am happy with the happiness of so many great athletes in my life, and some of my family, there is a side to me that still remembers the anger, insults, and insane verbal assaults against the ‘Let Pimba in Peace’ group, when they threw a concert in Campo Pichino, while cutting the capacity in half Perfect distance scales, extreme caution at the entrances and exits of the fence, ”he then explained, speaking of“ things so violent that reading against them, at a time when it was very important to bring the culture back – slowly – to moving again, and to hire professionals who had no money to eat. “.

“That’s it. I don’t have anything against football, but I’m sorry a lot of people seem to have a lot against the culture. It’s just because I haven’t read anything about yesterday’s madness as intensely as I have read about this show,” he said.

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