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Behind the scenes of the "Dragon House" recordings in Monsanto: "Our jaws fell" - News

Behind the scenes of the “Dragon House” recordings in Monsanto: “Our jaws fell” – News

“The trip to Portugal was unprecedented for Game of Thrones and even for the film industry in general. So, there is a lot of Portugal to watch on, showrunner, and screenwriter Ryan Condall says. “It’s a beautiful and wonderful country to shoot. When we saw Monsanto, on a mountain, we found the Dragon’s Stone.”

“In the original series, Pedra do Dragão was the coast of northern Spain. You only saw one side of the island, the beach, but we needed the rest of the island, we needed a whole world. That’s what we found at the top of that steep mountain in Portugal,” he confirms. Ryan Condall.

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Miguel Saposhnik, co-model and director, admits he was surprised by Monsanto: “We went a little on a whim and our jaws fell.”

Emma Darcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen) adds: “This is amazing.” “We filmed on top of a hill in Portugal. You can see kilometers around us,” recalls the hero of the HBO series.

Sophia Noronha, Production Manager, highlights that the team came to “a country that has never had a series of this dimension”. “We came to a village that had never seen anything of this magnitude and to a place that was very hard to reach. But we got a lot of support from the residents. They gave up their homes and worked on the series and loved the experience,” he recalls.

“This is a great event for Portugal, for our entire industry and for the entire local team,” he asserts.

The series is based on “Fire and Blood” directed by George R.R. Martin, 200 years before the events of “Game of Thrones”, and tells the story of House Targaryen.

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