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Beijing Express 2022: Belgian brothers Lucas and Nicholas win final

Beijing Express 2022: Belgian brothers Lucas and Nicholas win final

Lucas and Nicholas win the Beijing Express 2022 final. The Belgian brothers have 100,000 euros in their pockets for the victory. They are the favorite of internet users against their rivals Fanny and Jeremy, the dream couple.

The big winners of “Beijing Express: The Land of the Golden Eagle” … Lucas and Nicholas! The beloved Belgian brothers, who drew the majority of spectators to the M6 ​​adventure game, won the final and won a grand check for ,000 100,000. Fifteenth edition of Valuable Landscapes in four countries: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

A final value. For the first intermediate sprint, candidates had to parachute over Dubai. A real test for Fanny who suffers from vertigo. Though paralyzed, she pushed herself into the vacuum. The Belgian brothers, on the other hand, made a big mistake by misinterpreting the identity of the person they were to find before jumping into the vacuum and receiving clues on the plane. However they took first place in the intermediate sprint.

For the second intermediate sprint, the finalists had to fly the drone on an obstacle in Dubai’s industrial zone. Jeremy, who is accustomed to exercise, did well. Lucas really is not. As a result, Jeremy and Fanny took first place in the second sprint.

For the third intermediate sprint, both pairs had to create a jigsaw puzzle. An easy-to-reach test for Lucas and Nicholas. Fanny and Jerry, for their part, lost time completing the puzzle but also in traffic. They were caught by a French woman and got stuck in a traffic jam. They even had to change cars!

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In the final sprint, the Belgian brothers lost time for the dream couple to come back very well. An elbow-to-elbow fight kept the audience mesmerized to the end. In the end, Lucas and Nicholas won a few minutes earlier than Jeremy and Fanny, who lost their funds in the final sprint. Both brothers shed tears after their victory: “We did it, I’m proud of you, I’m proud of ourselves!” So the big winners of the 15th edition of “Beijing Express” were Lucas and Nicholas.

In addition to their success, the Belgian brothers set a record for the number of stage wins in the history of the show. Several months after the shooting was over, Nicholas said TV Mac The trials were so hard, and he was thinking of his family: “There were so many hard times that we both wanted to throw in the towel, if we were not at the front, we could not be gone to the end”. The two brothers were in contact with other candidates, especially Gerzois Axel and Jean-Claude, who sent good products from Jersey in Belgium.

100,000 euros for the win What will Lucas and Nicholas do now? Lucas wants to pay for his fiance’s lavish wedding, while Nicholas wants to spoil his wife and children.