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Beja EMAS presented the Center for Water Sciences

Beja EMAS presented the Center for Water Sciences

Promoting environmental awareness and education, and at the same time, supporting the technical operation of the company: These are the main objectives of the new Water Science Center (CCA) of the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company (EMAS) in Beja, which is designated to meet publicly on Wednesday the 12th.

The new project represents an investment of approximately € 100,000, with full support from the Environment Fund, and the public presentation session was attended, among other things, by the Minister of State for the Environment, Ines dos Santos Costa, Mayor of Beja, Paulo Arsenio.

According to the CEO of EMAS in Beja, the project of the Water Sciences Center “reinforces the work already done” by the company, being “innovative” by “joining the real world of practice in the same project” with the “environmental question” awareness.

“We believe that it is in fact a unique project that can be replicated elsewhere,” Roy Mariros said in statements to CA.

According to the director, one of the strengths of the Water Science Center is the mobile towable unit “which will be very geared towards environmental awareness measures”.

“This unit will allow us to have a different way of being able to do this work, especially in the initiatives that we have developed with schools and also in other initiatives with the community in general,” that is, “participatory budgeting,” “says Roy Marirus, Heroes of the Water” or “Mission Zero” Plastic “, adding:” It will be an easier way to reach and interact with society, to continue doing what we think we are already doing well in the field of environmental awareness. “

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The other component of the Centro de Ciência Viva project is an all-terrain vehicle, technically equipped to meet the needs of the EMAS system in Beja “in relation to uninsulated water, leak detection and water network management”.

“Our operational capacity has been strengthened in a strategic area as well,” notes Roy Mariros.

The CEO of EMAS de Beja confirms that this “was an idea the company had already had in its portfolio” for some time, and it has now been realized with the support of the Portuguese Environment Agency, through the Environment Fund.

Roy Mariros adds that the Water Science Center is “completely ready” for startup. “In fact, the ropes of all-terrain vehicles are already in operation. He concludes that the mobile unit is ready and going to Earth as quickly as possible,” taking into account the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.