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Belgian GB exit stopped: What do the rules say?

Belgian GB exit stopped: What do the rules say?

According to the bosses of Ferrari and Alfa Romeo, Matteo Pinoto and Fred Vazier, the theoretical start of the Belgian GB is at 3:01 pm, if the match is to end at 6:01 pm. The racing management later confirmed the information. She was contacted when the security car entered the lane to create some spy folds, explaining that the stopwatch was stopped at 1 p.m. It will start making a comeback when the F1s take off behind the now popular red Mercedes and its orange indicator bar. So in theory we can run almost 60 minute races.

Different situations

– If less than two turns are completed, no points will be distributed.

If the distance is less than 75%, half points will be awarded.

– Above 75%, all points will be distributed. But in the allotted time it is now impossible.

No information has been given so far about the postponement of the Belgian GB to Monday. The weather forecast predicts 70% rain at 3 p.m. How to deploy volunteers for safety around the track on a working day? Unable to play.

The last element, Sergio Perez, who did not participate in the Grand Prix, who lost control of his Red Bull in the lap to go to the starting point, was allowed to take the start, but he had to do it from the pits. The betting takes place.