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Belgium.  The ambassador loses his post after a woman slaps a store owner

Belgium. The ambassador loses his post after a woman slaps a store owner

a The South Korean ambassador to Belgium lost his post after his wife slapped a shopkeeper in Seoul, BBC noticia. The accident happened in April, when the diplomat’s wife assaulted a store assistant who accused her of theft.

The video surveillance footage was now made public and showed Peter Lesquher’s wife, Chiang Zuikyu, in a skirmish with two shopkeepers, even attacking one of them.

The store assistant reportedly asked Xiang Xueqiu to show him the clothes he was carrying, suspecting that he may have been carrying unpaid items.

After the incident went public – and sparked a wave of criticism – Xiang Xueqiu met with the shopkeeper to apologize for his “unacceptable behavior,” according to the Belgian Foreign Ministry.

Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilms chose, however, to end the ambassador’s term after three years in the position. Explaining that although Peter Lesquher served the country with devotion, Wilms noted that “the current situation” does not allow “the position to continue in a calm manner.”

Initially, Xiang Xueqiu invoked diplomatic immunity to avoid accusation by the South Korean justice, but the Belgian government raised the immunity so that the South Korean authorities could investigate.

And Peter Lesqueher had already issued an apology in April for his wife’s “unacceptable” behavior.

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