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Belgium's highest-scoring Lukaku: A guy the DFP team urgently needs

Belgium’s highest-scoring Lukaku: A guy the DFP team urgently needs

The highest-scoring Lukaku in Belgium
A guy who is urgently needed by the DFP team

Written by Sebastian Schneider

Romulu Lukaku is already one of the stars of the European Football Championship. Along with the golden generation of Belgium, he has a good chance to win the title. He has more numbers than what happens on the pitch.

Romelu did not hit Lukaku this time. What is now rare. He has scored 42 goals in his 44 international appearances for Belgium since the 2016 European Championships. There were more important things that evening. Tens of thousands of people burst into tears when the whole stadium stood up and praised Christian Eriksen after the tenth minute. At 1.91 meters, the man fell into the hands of PVP professional Thomas Delaney and Leicester goalkeeper Caspar Schmeichel.

Yesterday’s game actually took the back seat. After all, it happened at Inter Milan where Lukaku’s friend and teammate Christian Eriksen fought for his life a week ago. This sunny Saturday afternoon was watched by people all over the world as Dane escaped short death. And Luca. He later said he had recently spent more time with Ericsson than with his family.

“It was very difficult to pull me together,” said Lukaku, who played with his Belgian national team against Russia the same evening: “I found it very difficult to focus, but my teammates helped me.” He shed a few tears. Then he played football anyway.

“Chris, Chris, I love you!”

How: Lukaku scored in the tenth minute of the Russian game. He was actually offside, but two Russian defenders stretched the failed cross from Tries Mertens. So Lukaku had to push the ball freely in front of the opposing goalkeeper. Couldn’t take him out of it. Then a scene was created and it went around the world. To cheer Lukaku ran to the TV camera and called his friend who was in the hospital: “Chris, Chris, I love you!”

Not only his association with Christian Eriksen, but also making Lukaku one of the stars of the European Championship. With his two goals so far and the promising Belgian team, the exceptional striker has a good chance to leave the tournament as the best scorer. It was his appearance that made him one of the notable players in this European Championship.

The 28-year-old grew up in Antwerp, Brussels and Liege. During his childhood he lived in complete poverty. Like him inside “Players’ Tribune” His father claims to be a professional footballer, but the money was used up quickly after his career. Bit by bit, the lifestyle got worse. At one point they could no longer buy football on TV, then there was no TV, and then there was no electricity. The rats ran around the apartment. At one point Lukaku had to watch his mother stretch the corn in the water. According to him, football is the way out of poverty. So the goal scorer said he would approach every game like a final.

Like many young black footballers, Lukaku had more or less direct experience of racism. In the “Players’ Tribune” he describes how he was asked to show his passport at the age of eleven because the father of an enemy was skeptical of his identity. It doesn’t even excel in professional football. After his first appearance, the press wrote about him: if it goes right, he is a Belgian stumbling block. If things get worse, he has Congo roots.

Goals, Goals, Goals

Such moments haunted him later in his career. After his progress in Belgium, he moved to England for Chelsea, but was never able to establish himself there. The Blues awarded him twice, first to West Brom, then to Everton. Since then it has only gone to Manchester United. Deployed there, he went to Inter Milan. The possibility was always there, but Lukaku was never able to exploit it. Overall ran loud 0 210 million transfer and loan fees.

Something changed until Milan. Lukaku’s game came out better tactically. It really exploded. In 72 Serie A games, he scored a total of 47 times. In the Europa League 2019/20 he met Inter in all matches. Along with four EL games at Everton in 2015/16, he has now scored ten games in a row – a record.

He is a high EM with a form. In all competitions, he scored 30 goals in 44 games for Inter this year. His imposed physique, speed: Some commentators are unfortunately only talking about how they are with black footballers. Mostly, game intelligence is due to its teammates, and Lukaku has a lot. In a nutshell The Danish game he called “Hussein-Bolt-Double”. Not to mention that he still has one eye on Kevin de Bruyne at full speed backcourt before the 1-1 draw. Even in the 1-0 win over the Russians, Lukaku’s ingenuity and understanding of the game lurked offside for Andre Semyonov’s mistake.

“You heard things you never heard in football”

Two years ago Lukaku had to listen to monkey sounds and insults at a game in Cagliari before the penalty kick. His team-mate Milan Screenier defended him at the time: “I’ve heard things you never heard in football, and things like that should never happen again.” Lukaku was shocked: “This is 2019 and we are going backwards.”

Two years later further growth is still within range and E.M. Based on the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the Belgians knelt against racism at the European Championship kick-off in St. Petersburg. But the Russian audience was not greatly impressed by the move: the fans blew the whistle and shouted tirelessly. Lukaku held his fist.

The striker did as he always did. He scored his goals. After the game, he was selected as the “Star of the Match” for his two wins. While the Russian coach was blowing the whistle of the fans, Lukaku left his statement on the pitch and was happy that his friend Eriksen was performing better.

The German national team has a nostalgia for this type of player. Not only is Joachim Low absent because he is an excellent center, but he also continues to show his attitude. Of course, players like Serge Knabry, Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich on the DFP team also speak openly about issues beyond football. But not as consistently as Romulo Lukaku.

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