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Bella Hadid breaks her silence on the Israeli war

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A few weeks ago, Hamas announced the start of a military operation against Israel. Several thousand rockets were fired at areas in southern Israel, and armed forces entered the country.

Regarding attacks: - Feeling responsible

Regarding attacks: – Feeling responsible

Israel responded by attacking the Gaza Strip, which is ruled by Hamas, and the conflict grows more intense with every loss of life.

Many thousands of civilians have lost their lives on both sides, many have been taken hostage, and many are missing or feared dead.

Surprises: Model Bella Hadid walks the runway at the Coperni Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week. Reporter: Emma Dallin. Video: @kyliegener.
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Many stars, including Gigi Hadid, 28, have spoken out about the ongoing war. Now her sister Bella Hadid (27 years old) has broken the silence. They are both half Palestinian.

– He claimed the lives of innocent people

It’s up Instagram That Bella is talking.

“Forgive me for my silence,” she opens the post.



She explains that she has not yet found the appropriate words to express herself about “these complex and horrific weeks that have brought back the world’s attention to a situation that has claimed innocent lives and affected families for decades.”

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram
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The 27-year-old claims she receives death threats daily, and that her family feels unsafe – but that fear is not an option.

“The people and children of Palestine, especially Gaza, cannot tolerate our silence. We are not brave, they are,” she wrote.

Pieces: Model Gigi Hadid shows off her newly renovated home on Instagram. Not everyone is excited about her somewhat unconventional interior choices. Reporter: Oystein Sather
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“My heart bleeds from the pain and trauma I see unfolding, and from the generational trauma that runs through my Palestinian blood.”

She also wrote that she mourns for the Israeli families who experienced pain following the first attacks in early October.

Peace and security belong to everyone

He added: “Regardless of the country’s history, I condemn terrorist attacks against civilians, regardless of where they come from.”

- He lost control

– He lost control

She describes how her family was affected by the Nakba (the Arabic term for the expulsion of Palestinians, editor’s note) and how difficult it was for them.

“We must stand together and protect humanity and compassion – and demand that our leaders do the same. All religion is peace, and corrupt powers are the greatest sin of all. We are one, and God created us equal.”

Parody: Gigi Hadid emulates Melania Trump at the American Music Awards. Now she is being criticized for being racist. Video: CNN
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In conclusion, she writes that she stands with humanity in knowing that peace and security belong to everyone.

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