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Ben reveals how his father-in-law, Eduardo Ferro Rodriguez, greeted him

Ben reveals how his father-in-law, Eduardo Ferro Rodriguez, greeted him

NSAsado with Rita Ferro Rodrigues, Rúben Vieira, better known as Ben, has maintained a happy relationship with the presenter for over 15 years. The well-known TV technician spoke about the relationship during an interview with Manuel Luis Gocha, where he showed that the most striking differences between his world and the world of his partner did not affect their relationship, but rather the opposite.

He emphasized this by saying, “I looked at Rita and thought she was an interesting woman. But they were worlds different. Now, of course I’d say they’re not, but I had to cross that to say there are no differences.”

“She has a world that I did not have. Since then, she gave me her teachings and I her teachings, I became the most theoretical in this world.” [da televisão] I am more practical. “We complement each other,” he said.

When Joshua asked him how his father-in-law, Eduardo Ferro Rodriguez, greeted him, Ben noted: “It’s like entering a family where there is no Eduardo Ferro Rodriguez, but Manuel Luis Josha. It’s exactly the same. He’s a person like everyone else.”

“They are two amazing people [os sogros], whom I consider parents. I know that my father and mother do not take me badly, because they treat me like a son. I was instantly cherished from day one. That’s when you begin to realize that there are no two different worlds.”, completed.

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