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Benfica AA Espinho Game 3 Semi-Championship

Benfica AA Espinho Game 3 Semi-Championship

Game summary

International tournament
Game 3
Semi-final of He clears his throat
The final result
The first group the second group The third group Fourth group
25-17 25-18 18-25 25-19

a Benfica volleyball team Defeated AA Espinho, 3-1, on Tuesday night, April 9, in Game 3 of the National Championship Qualifiers semi-finals, and secured their place in the final! The opponent in the final stage of the competition is Sporting.

With the lead in the tie (2-0), and one victory away from securing its place in the title-deciding stage, Benfica entered determined to achieve its goal, in Great balance game.

In a good start for AA Espinho (1-3), the Reds responded with a draw (3-3), and from now on, we saw defeat Benfica rises in the first groupat any The service was crucial. The score is 10-9 5-0 partial to the Eagles (15-9), to achieve an important advantage to achieve their first victory in the challenge. However, the reaction on the other side of the net did not take long, and the visitors lost 18-10, putting the visitors ahead. 18-15. Good response from those led by Marcel Matz, closing 1-0 common 25-17.

Fueled by the opening victory and the support of the fans in attendance Pavilion No. 2 in LuzBenfica has become more assertive the second group. Once the initial balance was broken, the Reds threw themselves at the mark (10-5), and although there is a specific close period (13-12), proved to be more effective. With services, shots and blocks are very powerfulmade the difference, the Eagles won, by 25-18expanding to 2-0 Match result.

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AA showed Espinho what was coming The third groupShe imposed herself and controlled the events of the moment. behind the loss Benfica was unable to stop the opponent's momentum And I was defeated 18-25 (2-1 in the match).

Benfica volleyball

Point here, point there, a result Equality and successive alternations were reflected at the beginning Fourth group. Game Highly disputed, Delivery on both sides, Which makes the outcome uncertain. Once tied at 9-9, Benfica controlled the scoreboard and held on, but without being able to take off. To win, for 19-17 in the final half From the group, The Reds carried the advantage and extended it (22-17). In all, the four-time national champions won, 25-19, 3-1 in the match and 3-0 in the knockout round!

Hey Glorioso's opponent in the final title battle is Sportingwho beat Leixões in the other semi-final He clears his throat National Championship (3-0 in playoffs).

Benfica volleyball


Marcel Matz (Benfica coach): “It is important to win and appreciate the fans who come to support us. They always follow the volleyball team, and this is essential, it gives us strength. The match was very controlled in the first and second sets, as our serves were very strong.” Good effect. We are leading the game and think we are on the cusp of victory, but AA Espinho enters the third set with a great expression in defence. They were able to play well and had a very high level of attack, they were superior and they won. “The fourth set was balanced, they continued to be positive, but we were happy and we were able to win. Now, it is time to think about the final.”

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Benfica volleyball

Benfica – Espinho
Pavilion No. 2 in Luz
Initial formation of Benfica
Pearson Ischenko, Felipe Bandero, Pablo Natan, Lucas France, Thiago Violas, Gaba and Bernardo Silva (left)
Rafa, Peter Wohlfahrtstätter, Hugo Gaspar, Luis Rodriguez, Eduardo Brito, Nuno Marques, Ivo Casas (left)
AA Espinho Initial Training
Ricardo A. Silva, Vinicius Santos, Fernando Arbajo, Jose Pinto, Jose Pedro Andrade, Bernardo Oliveira and Hugo Ribeiro (left)
Tomas Teixeira, Paulo Montero, Roberto Reis, Felipe Leite, João Castro and Miguel Sa (left)
The first group the second group The third group Fourth group
25-17 25-18 18-25 25-19